just wondering

hey ladies
Now im not one with a lot of patience, but im learning lol. Ive got my last chemo woohoo on the 18th july, well fingers crossed im allowed to have it what with having a nasty lung infection at the mo…but enough antibiotics to knock out bubonic plague…so should be ok. Im seeing the onc on the 11 July, I know hes going to sort out my prescription for tamoxifen on that day so that ones sorted. However, got 5 weeks of radio to look forward to…hey no needles so I can deal with that. What I would like to know though, is how soon after chemo do you start radio. Is it a few weeks, days or what. Guess im just starting to worry about the next bit if that makes sense, kind of got used to the chemo side of things…well as much as you can, but just havent got a clue about the next bit. Im hoping its within 3 weeks of chemo finishing…but does your body need to recover a bit before they zap you. Gawd I hate limbo land stages.


I finished 5 weeks radiotherapy last week. I was told radiotherapy would start 4 weeks after my last chemo but this wasn’t possible as they were so busy and I ended up waiting 8 weeks. Probably best to ask your oncologist if there is a wait for radiotherapy at your hospital.

Love Lollie x

Hi Buttons
I only started chemo on the 13th June so still 7 to go but I have seen the radiologist this week to pre book my rads.
She has prebooked me in for the 7th Dec which will be 4 weeks after last chemo, she said the earliest it can start is 2 weeks after but they prefer to wait 3.
They allow 4 weeks in case any chemo is delayed due to blood count been low.She also said that 2 weeks prior to start they would see me to mark me up with the dots ready for the start.
I hope this info is helpful and you are recovering from your lung infection

thanks for this ladies, put my mind at rest. I’ll be having a good chat with the onc…as long as the chemo i have that day doesnt send me too loopy…fat chance cos i always seem to leave the unit away with the fairies lol. Im getting there with the lung infection…should see the size of the tablets…huuuuuge beasties they are, why is it, when your throat is erm not working as it should do they give you massive pills lol

I started rads 2and a half weeks after surgery it would have been 2 but my bloods were down.Once it started it was fine.I was much less tired than on chemo though I did burn quite badly under the breast it has all healed now[2 wks later].Good luck Val