Kadcyla Query

Hi all

hoping someone can help with a query. I am currently on a 3 weekly herceptin (trastuzamab) and pertuzamab regime for primary her 2+ breast cancer having had 6 cycles of FEC-T and a single mastectomy with anxcillary node clearance. Following mastectomy there is talk of changing the herceptin/pertuzamab to Kadcyla but I am due to see oncologist in next couple of weeks to talk in more detail.

just wondering if anyone else if receiving kadcyla for primary breast cancer and if so whether this drug is actually a chemotherapy (I was hoping I’d seen the back of chemo!) and whether blood tests are needed before each treatment cycle? Any information on side effects also appreciated…in particular hair loss because there is no chance of be cold capping again!!!

thanks in advance for any info

hayley x

Kadcyla was an option for me so I did some research into it. As I understand it (and medical people - please correct me if I am wrong!), Kadcyla is Herceptin with a small amount of a chemo called Emtansine in it. The Herceptin targets the HER2 protein on the surface of the cancer cell, then ‘injects’ the Emtansine into the cell to kill it off. My understanding was that hair loss is less likely, but you could have some hair thinning. 

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