I am about to start Kadcyla as an adjuvant after surgery, is anyone else on this. What is your experience compared to neoadjuvant therapy 


My daughter started Kadcyla as an adjuvant therapy after her surgery.

Everyone is obviously very different regarding their side effects.However I can honestly say that compared to the chemo before surgery which she did struggle with at times this was nowhere near as bad .Nausea was very mild if not at all after some sessions but she was tired for the first few days.However her hair continued to grow which she was pleased about and her eyebrows.She was able to more or less continue with her daily activities including looking after her toddler. She even managed to return to work towards the end of her treatment on a part time basis.Only one thing that she still took care with and that was her awareness of social distancing but she still went about her life.

She was grateful for this treatment ‘belts and braces’ even though she was quite reluctant at the start as vey nervous about the side effects.However she was very pleasantly surprised .

I really wish you well with Kadcyla and I hope you too will find the treatment very tolerable xx

I’ve to start Kadcyla after surgery too. 14 rounds with only 1 have for access is very daunting for me!

Can I ask if you could tinge to get the Anti-her2 Injection in your leg with this treatment or does it come mixed in with the kadcyla iv?


Hi ladies just checking in to see how everyone is getting on - I will be starting kadcyla soon for 14 cycles also. 


Touch Wood, it is going really well. 4 cycles in now. I get a bit tired for about 3 days but no other side effects

Hope you are doing well too


Really glad to hear you have minimal side affects. I’m starting next week. Good to hear a success story. Good luck with the rest of your treatment