Hello there. I have only finished active treatment for primary breast cancer in June and have just been dealt the blow that I have lung mets! I start Kadcyla on Thursday and dont really know much about it. I have already had a mastectomy and a course of fec - t followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy. Gutted is not the word. Any advice anyone may have is nore than welcome x

Hi, no useful advice as I’m starting Kadcyla tomorrow!
I was diagnosed with lung mets in 2006 and have had various different treatments over the years and have stayed stable up till now.
I’ll let you know how I feel over the next few days.
Good luck. Xx

Ok we can go through it together. Glad to see your managing your symptoms. Good luck. Let me know how you get on xxx

Had treatment this afternoon and am feeling fine, quite breathless, but that’s normal for me at the moment, am hoping it’s because there’s warfare in my lungs currently!
Nothing exciting to report, it was all good.

Thats good to know. Im pretty breathless too at the moment can just about make it to bathroom and back. Big hugs and keep us up to date xx

Hi both, I have had my second cycle of kadcyla and side effects have been very minimal. I feel well and am continuing to work full time and do everything as normal. I know it’s early days, but there are ladies at my hospital who have remained well on kadcyla for three years! Even better, the lymph nodes in my neck, which resulted in my switching from herceptin to kadcyla have significantly reduced/resolved already - amazing! Good luck to you both. I hope it has fantastic results for you. Xxxxx

Even more great news. I just want to be able to breathe again and have some kind of normality so hopefully this drug will do the trick xx

Hooray!! That is fab to hear.
Day 2 and I’m feeling ok, bit achy but nothing worse.
My breathlessness has been much worse, not sure if it’s the drug side effects, or the war currently waging in there, or my lack of movement, I was fairly horizontal yesterday, didn’t feel ill, just a bit tired and happy to watch rubbish in the tele!!
All in all I’m ok!
Stay in touch ladies. Xx

Thats good news. I too am just watching tele trying to find the breath to do something. First cycle tomorrow so will let you know how I get on xx


Whereabouts are you being treated Revels?

Kent Oncology centre, Maidstone.
Been toing and froing there roughly every 3 weeks for the last 13 years!! My oncologist is like my mate now!!

Blimey you have been controlling it for ages then which is brilliant to see. Im 12 months in but like I say i have really only just finished primary active treatment in may so this lung mets sort of come from nowhere!! Im only in a little chemo unit so very friendly xx

Hey magicdragon I am new to hear too. Starting kadcyla tomorrow so we are all quite new to it. There seems to be plenty of positive experiences so we csn share those together x

Hey magicdragon I am new to here too. Starting kadcyla tomorrow so we are all quite new to it. There seems to be plenty of positive experiences so we csn share those together x

Thank you. Yes ive already done fec -t and a couple of herceptain ao hopefully after first one i will be ok. Thanks x

I’m with you on the more gentle Magicdragon, I’ve done FEC, docetaxel, Cepcitabine, gemcarbo coped fairly well with them all, but some were harder than others, Kadcyla is a breeze compared!
Went to my circuit training class tonight, was a bit more special needs than normal, but was able to do a bit, which I didn’t think I would!
Achy legs and back is as bad as its been today, hopefully normal day tomorrow.
Good luck, will be thinking of you tomorrow Gaunts! Xx

How we all feeling today ladies. I had my first kadcyla today. All ok so far so will get tons of water down me and an early night. Big hugs to you all x

Don’t go mad on the water, I spent first night up and down to the toilet!!
Glad to hear you’re ok. Xx

How we all doing ladies?