I have recently started Kadcyla. So far so good and I haven’t had a lot of SE. (Yet) Would be great to hear from other ladies who are also on this drug or have been on it.

Thanks xx

Hi just finished docetaxel and had progression in liver and peritoneum as well as further spread in bones so they have said this is the next treatment for me. Did you lose your hair? Mine has gone on previous three months treatment just wondered if it will hrow back or i will remain bald

Hi Mackers

I’ve just come across your post after searching for any info on Kadcyla. I have secondaries in bones lungs and liver. All was under control with Herceptin, Pertuzamab and Denosumab but last scan has showed progression in liver so now being switched to Kadcyla. 
Are you still on it? How are you getting on? I’m told by onc it is quite well tolerated but I’m worried about going back to the dark days of chemo sick :nauseated_face: