karen newly diagnosed

I was diagnosed on tuesday 3rd nov with a grade 3 invasive bc ,but i have been having treatment for a cyst for a year which was asphrated 5 times since jan 09 ,i was told its just a cyst.Over the course of a year it got bigger and bigger until it was very uncomfortable and i had asked for the cyst to be removed ,but was told it could,nt be done ,when it got to this stage they decided it could be removed and i went in and had it removed on the 26th of oct ,i thought that was the end of it and after a year it was nice to not feel this tennis ball lump in my breast …But when i went back tuesday 3rd nov for which i thought was a check up after surgery,i was told the worse ,now waiting on all the test that they can throw at me and im feeling very angry and terrified of the unknown ,but also thinking positive .I would like to tell all the ladies out there that i had a mammogram and 2 utra scans thoughtout this year and they did,nt find a thing .ITS JUST A CYST.

Thats awful karen.Was the invasive lump inside the cyst?I ask because I have always been told that aspiration of a cyst gave a definite diagnosis because a carcinoma is solid and would only yield blood and cells rather than the fluid that is in a cyst.I had cysts aspirated for 30 years -every few months.My bc lump showed on mammo and was never mistaken for anything else.I have had one cyst since which was drained and one that wasnt because it was so small and the doc said there was,‘no diagnostic ambiguity’.
Good Luck for the rest of your treatment.Additionally I find it shocking that they didnt give you more results after surgery-size,lymph involvement etc

thats awful kabbieanne.
I feel angry too that I still havent had my routine mammogram and Im nearly 53. I keeps coming back to me that had I been called in they might have found mine earlier before I actually felt the lump. Mine too is grade 3 stage 2. I had 2 ops for removal and am now underway with FEC before radio. I think the day they sit you down and tell you is probably the worst - just hits you for 6 and I alternated between being angry and then upset. All i can say is that, for me, the worst part was over and Im now feeling more positive now I am actually doing something to zap it. best of luck with everything now - lots of support here from everyone!
Karen xx


I also had a cyst last year. It grew and i went back to be told i had grade 3 invasive ductal!

Julia xx

Hi Karen,

So sorry to hear this. I don’t know anything about cysts (except what I thought was a small cyst turned out to be bc). But it seems to me that mammograms and ultrasound scans don’t pick up everything, when I thought they would be quite foolproof. My tests only showed one small lump but my lumpectomy revealed more cancerous tissue, so ended up with a mastectomy.

Wishing you all the very best with your test results, and for moving forward.

With love

hi Karen, what a nightmare for you, I was initially told my lump was just fatty tissue nothing to worry about, luckily I had private healthcare and got a mammo referral and yep it was fatty tissue with a grade 2 tumour inside it!!!, I get so angry when I hear stories like yours

take care

sending you a hug

Carol xx