Kate - an update

Hi All,

I went to see Kate in hospital last night - and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. She still has her lovely rosey cheeks - I stayed for about half an hour and she did most of the talking… Kate is truly a legend in so many ways…

She dictated the following for me…(I hope I got it right!!)

Sats (I think this is oxygen saturation levels) at 94-97% on 60 % oxygen…better than November when she recorded 60% Sats. Once she has got rid of the virus, which she describes as a type of fluey cold, she will go to the Hospice for Rehab. Following this, she is going to have a bit more chemo and will start on Vinorelbine, which is the last chemo available.

That is really good news - thanks for updating us Heather. She’ll be so pleased to be allowed to have the chemo - even if it is the last available, knowing Kate she’ll get them to pull something else out of the bag when that comes to an end!

Lots of love to her
Lesley xx

Hi there,
Thanks for keeping everyone posted about Kate. I am so pleased she is a little better today. What a fighter she is, i do hope she gets the chemo she so badly wants and it buys her some more time with her family.
wishing her love and strength.

I am so pleased to hear the good news about Kate.

Our paths haven’t crossed much, thread-wise, but through these forums I’ve come to think of her as some kind of ‘india rubber’ woman, always bouncing back from setbacks.

Long may she continue to do so.



Very pleased to hear that you saw Kate, HeatherLou, and that she was upto not only having a 30 minute conversation but dictating something for us on the forum!

Thanks for letting us know - and do pass on my love. Kay x

Really glad to hear that Kate’s perky and rosy cheeked -always a good sign in my mind. I hope she shifts this virus pronto and gets some relief. Look forward to her next post, as always!