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Kelly’s Blog

Kelly’s Blog I keep looking from time to time to see if there are anymore blogs, but sadly none since December. When I was first dx I read through all the blogs, and then some. I hope that things are going okay for Kelly xx

Do you want more? Hi,

Everything is fine for me - except a distinct lack of employment!! I’ve just emailed the team about the blog and then saw your post. Do you want anymore updates? Would it be useful? I ended up so far behind that I felt embarassed!!

But if you’re interested, perhaps I could do some summaries about whats happening in my world?

Please let me know, to be honest I thought perhaps everyone had lost interest as I got further and further behind.


More please Hi
I have been checking on your blog too. Please post some more, it’s nice to know what’s happening to you too.


Yes please Please post some more if you are up to it. I really enjoyed reading your blog!

Thanks, Deborah xxx

Summary please Hi Kelly,

I too found your blog really useful, and have kept checking to see if you’re all right. A summary would be great - I am sure there are lots of us wondering but too afraid to ask in case the news is bad.

Good luck on the employment front


Just nosy Hi

Would love you to continue your blog. When I was first diagnosed I would read you blog and found it very helpful. I’m sure there are lots of women who would find it informative in regards to treatment, delays etc. Also I’m just really nosy and it’s an interesting read.

Sarah xx

Kelly’s blog I too started reading Kelly’s blog when I was first diagnosed and found it really helped me by giving me a bit of forewarning of what to expect ! ! As I got side effects from the chemo, I would remember what she had said and how she had reacted to them and it really helped knowing that what I was going through was not unusual. I have my last radiotherapy session tomorrow so will be celebrating at last. Do hope Kelly will keep us up to date with how she is getting on.

I’m so glad you found it useful. I was a bit worried that if people read it ahead of having chemo it might make them more scared than ever!!

An update is in the offing - in fact I should be writing it now but thought I’d have a quick look here first!

I’m fine and loving my new hair. I will be on the Cotswold 20 mile walk but keeping my head down as training isn’t making the distance walking any easier!!!

Right enough chat, I’ll go and start the update!!


Hoorah - finally sent in an update Just a quick note for everyone who has been asking for an update, yes one is on its way!! I’ve just sent it off to the web guys so hopefully it will be added in the next couple of days. In the meantime I am back in writing mode so hopefully you will all be up-to-date on my goings on so far this year.

Thanks for your support


Updates… I’ve been checking regularly for updates, too, Kelly - glad to hear that another one is on the way! :slight_smile: