KINESIO TEX TAPE - why is not available on the NHS but sleeves are?

if you have arm lymphodema you get a compression sleeve, but if you get odema of the breast you have to find and pay for your own compression bras and cannot get the Kenesio tap,e on the NHS.  We need to campaign for these items post treatment as some people will need their whole lifetime.


how can we go about this?



Hi Whitfield, 

I have moved your post to our lymphoedema boardto give users more of a chance to share their experiences and offer their support.

In the meantime, if you would like to talk please do call our helplineat 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about the compression bras and offer a friendly ear.

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I have bought my own KINESIO tape,for the scar on my tummy following DIEP…however,I don’t mind,the NHS. Has been superb to me,and I didn’t mind …in fact,I bought some blue tape.I can send his it does seem unfair,but the tape is only about a fiver,for 5 metres.

As others have said it is very dependent on where you live. It should not be the case. I have been given compression bras, kinesio tape and MLD on the NHS, but I have to say I could have done with a made to measure bra as the ones my clinic supplied were only small, medium or large -not very helpful when you are a 32H cup as I am! The cups are too small and the bras to big on the shoulders. In the end I managed to find a local shop who were able to alter bras for me but at a considerable cost. I would be very interested in being able to source a made to measure compression bra as these seem to be impossible to obtain -I assumed until I saw this thread that non one made such a thing. If I could obtain such a thing I would be more than happy to pay whatever the cost!


I do think it is pants though what a postcode lottery the NHS is. My lymphoedema care has been excellent, but oncology not good -disorganised, lack of appropriate referrals, lack of communication and No specialist nurses. There seems to be very poor staffing levels of that part of the NHS in my area.


One word of warning about the kinesio tape -while initially I had success with this, I recently had an allergic reaction to the tape and this has made the lymphoedema flare up again. Unfortunately I can no longer use it. I think this was because they are reluctant to give you very much because of the cost so you tend to keep it on for longer than you should (I kept it on for 7 days straight before changing it) and that means your skin is more likely to get irritated by it. Don’t be tempted to eek it out too long to save on cost. Similarly they don’t give you much of the lymph pads so if I could source any privately I would to supplement what the NHS has given me. If anyone knows of a private supplier please let me know. Also this would be useful for anyone who cant get these on the NHS so please post if you are aware.


Thanks Amero xxx