Hi,can any of you ladies give me any advice on underwear post DIEP surgery.Told to buy support bra and knickers but not sure which is best.Can’t really afford to spend alot.Would appreciate any tips.Thanks x

Hi Maggie

You def dont want to spend a lot on them as they can get a bit stained after the op. I got a really good firm sports bra from tesco a size bigger than I was to allow for swelling(£6). They also had some great high waist brief which were nice and comfy and went above the scar(£5).I found that pants too firm were hard to pull up during first few days-hurt my tummy!
You would probably find similar in Matalan and Asda.

Good luck!

I can confirm the tescos high full briefs in larger size were fab, in fact 8 weeks in and still wearing them, so attractive not! Lots of poeple were told to wear support nics and I have on odd occassion in last few weeks but would have struggled early on. Can offer much advice on the bra side, hospital where I am actually come and fit you the morning after with the appropriate side sports bra.

good luck xx

Thanks for that,will have a trip to tesco.I go in on tuesday so feeling a bit nervous now.Had my mastectomy back in 2010 and had to wait until now for my recon.Wish i could fast forward the next few months!! xx

I found one of those bra extenders (they cost a pound or so) incredibly useful - I was pretty swollen initially after my diep. I was told to go for spanx-style support knickers - the ones that come almost up to the bra being the best but I only wore them after I left hospital.

Hi maggie,

I also received quite vague instructions! From experience and questioning, you need a bra with no underwire, but with full cups that cover the whole breast…this is to help it keep shape while things are settling down. The BCNs also said the top edge needs to be very firm and supportve.I got a couple of the tesco sports bras, the cups seem to be small tho, so I had to size up. Make sure you get one with separate cups and not the uni boob style.

The spanx pants are really hard to get into initially, but the purpose is compression, ie squeezing your tummy. This helps to stop fluid building up and squeezes out what fluid does collect under the skin. The support pants also support your tummy and back which are weakened in the surgery. I didn’t wear the spanx or bra until I left hospital, but was then told 24/7 for the bra, and all day everyday for the spanx, both for three months. The hospital will put you in surgical stockings, so try to save a few pairs …they told me to wear them 24/7 for six weeks, except for when I showered. You can also get a tummy binder which wraps around with Velcro fastenings and compresses/supports your tummy…if you search on amazon you’ll find them.some hospitals provide them and in the USA they are commonly used after a DIEP.

It helped a bit to wear soft pants under the spanx…and if you can find support pants with a gusset that opens, going to the loo will be easier. I actually got my most comfy pair from tesco online.I didn’t have any problem with wound leakage anywhere, but some people do have a bit or even a lot, especially where the drains are removed.

It’s a pity there isn’t a way to recycle the torture garments (bra and pants) we get for the op…I’ve got several almost unworn ( especially bras) as I wrongly predicted the size I would be.

Where and when are you having your op?

Best wishes
Nonsuch xxx

Not a reply, just to say that I do love the title of this thread Every time it comes up on Latest Posts I think firstly, Yep BC totally is Pants, then I think, Oh Knickers to it all! and it makes me laugh. Thankyou :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Nonsuch,have been looking at the tummy binders online and think i’ll order one. hymil,you are sooo right this BC is total pants-glad it made you smile :slight_smile: This forum is great for advice,have found it so helpful and supportive over the past2 years.It has made me laugh and cry!Good luck to all the ladies out there effected by this horrible disease xx

Hi All

I read some while ago on these forums that there is a breast cancer support place that can make use of bras, so send them to:

The Haven
37 St Owen Street