Knitted boobs - anyone got a pattern?

Has anyone got a simple to follow knitting pattern for a knitted boob? I have looked on line and found a couple but couldn’t follow the terminology of the pattern.

If you sign up to there are loads of knitting and crochet patterns to share and download, and knitted boobs of all descriptions, including hats, scarves, beanies and plain old boobs!!

Are you a seasoned knitter supertrouper as wondering what has baffled you about the terminology? I have been knitting for more years than I can count so if you need some help please let me know.

By the way, I am intrigued as to why you want to knit a boob as I settled for an implant!!!

Happy knitting

Mazzalou xxx

Hi Mazzalou - thanks for the quick reply.

What baffled me was this.

"Repeat last round until you have 8 stitches.

Divide the stitches over 4 double-pointed needles (2 sts per needle). The i-cord you have been working is knitted in the round - continue to work in the round, placing a marker for the start of the round.

Next round: *K1, KFB; rep from * to end of round. 12 sts."

If I K1 then KFB the rep from * to end of round I would end up with far more than 12 sts if I started with 8

And I wanted a knitted boob as I have to wait for reconstruction due to Radiation treatments that only finished 3 weeks ago.

You should be able to get hold of a softie from your BCN. These are (I hear) very light and gentle, and should be appropriate for you. I haven’t had a mastectomy so couldn’t swear to it, I’m sure others will be along, particularly given the title of the thread.

(I could point you in the direction of a knitted merkin, but I don’t think that’d do the trick…)


Thanks ChoccieMuffin for educating me - I had to look up ‘merkin’ as that was a new one on me!!! You learn something new everyday! Shame that you are too late for me with your knitting pattern as I am regrowing my own!!!

Now I am really wondering why your name is ChoccieMUFFin!!!

my bcn gave me a ‘softy’ boob day before op. its soft material and filled with really soft fibre which you can take out /put in as you need to get it to desired size. i put it in stretchy crop top sports bra type thing from M&S. (pack of 2 £12). they are good as the softy doesnt move about in them with it being tight and stretchy.

TTM xxx

Mazzalou, I had two cats called Chocolate and Muffin, hence the name. But I have been referred to as “choc muff” before, and in a conversation about merkins, so if you want to bring your mind down into the gutter to join mine, go right ahead. :slight_smile:

could KFB mean knit the stitch in the front and then in the back ( ie doubling it) if you have 8 to start, knit nos 1, 3, 5 &7 but double up nos 2, 4, 6 and 8 into 2, 2a, 4, 4a 6, 6a 8, 8a then you do indeed end up with twelve. (1, 2, 2a, 3, 4, 4a, 5, 6, 6a, 7, 8, 8a)

I have a pattern on the go at the moment where you finish the rib and then change to larger needles and increase stitches 1 and 2 in every 9, making 11. and repeating that umpteen times, all the way around the thing. It doesnt say KFB, it says increase but it specifies to do this by knitting (or purling depending on the rib) into stitch below (the one from the previous row that got cast over) and then knitting (or purling as appropriate) into stitch, which doesn’t leave a hole. It puts the k2 p2 rib all wrong, but you’re about to launch into pattern anyhow in the very next row. i think it would probably work to do that for your pattern?

And yes, i have seen a pattern somewhere on the internet for a knitted boob a few years ago, will see if I can re-source it. i remember it had a very pretty knitted flowery nipple ???

Okay this is the link i was thinking of, , there’s a crochet pattern embedded in the thread a few posts down, if my link gets deleted then google “knitty titties”

It’s here: enjoy!!!

There was me thinking I was thick as I couldn’t follow the poker betting on the tv…but the knitting instructions are a foreign language…eek

Twinky x

I think Hymil is correct - I googled KFB and that’s what it said it meant. Even so, I had to read the pattern twice to be sure it ended up at 12 stitches!

I did spot a two-needle pattern here which is a bit less confusing imo.

Amusing/inspiring article here about them…

Happy knitting!

PS Hair looking good - did you keep up your record of photos?

Whoops - just realised that I didn’t click on submit to my reply last night! That’s what comes of posting on forums when you should be asleep!!

What I said was the KFB is a method of increasing whereby you knit into the front and the back of the stitch thereby making 1 stitch become 2 ie Knit 1, KFB making 2 stitches, Knit 1, KFB making 2 stitches,Knit 1, KFB making 2 stitches,Knit 1, KFB making 2 stitches - you should now have 12 stitches on your needles.

There are some really good knitting instructional videos on YouTube so always worth a look as watching a demo is always a lot easier to follow than instructions written down.

Happy knitting

Hi ladies,

I can’t and don’t knit but I do needle felting and it occurred to me that you could needle felt a new boob! Here’s a link to a you tube vid showing how you do it most arts and craft shops sell the needles and the raw fiber there are also other vids to the right of the page if this vid does not explain it all. Happy creating. Any advice needed please feel free to pm me.
Love and light to all
sarahlouise xx

RevCat that’s such a great article, but My oh my, how big does she make them!! I was trying to make bobble hats a while back (starting really early this winter 2012/13 LOL) couldn’t do the bobble, now I think I may have solved that problem. Can just imagine my vicar walking round the city with one of those on his head… and he would too, knowing him!

Reminds me of the guys who run marathons in fancydress for BC awareness charity Coppafeel. A potential disaster of runaway electrostatic micro-beads if they fell over :frowning:

SarahLouise would there not be a problem with the felt taking ages to dry?

What a fantastic response!

Huge thank you to everyone who contributed.

RevCat - I am going to give your pattern link a go and see what I end up with. I did find a link that gave a pattern for different cup sizes but I think I would need the double pointed needles for that. And as for the photos of my hair - yes I am taking photos every 2 weeks. I am without my wig today but only pottering about in the garden. I am not brave enough to face the public eyes yet!!

I’ve cut the grass and now going to sit in the garden with my knitting, I might even have a drink (Oh you naughty thing you!!!)

Boob has been knitted! Just needs sewing up. My family think I have lost the plot…ha ha - maybe I have!!

Just been reading your thread- is it for real? I haven’t knitted since I made sox for the boys in the trenches but just the idea of knitting boobs has brightened my evening- it’s surreal. More power to your knitting elbows!

Well done Supertrouper.

I think that you deserve another drink to celebrate!

Cheers - Mazzalou xx

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