This might seem a bit ‘light’, but here goes. Does anyone know of any patterns for chemo hats, I thought I might make some while I’m waiting around. 

I’ve knitted and crocheted hats before and just searched on the internet for patterns, there’s hundreds!

Making these at the moment…

Hi Karen


Your head can feel very cold if you lose your hair due to chemo (as I did).  I made an “Easy-fit Ribbed Hat” (with a pompom on top) using ‘chunky’ wool (approximately one and a half 100 gram balls) and it only took me two nights to knit. The pattern I used was one that I found on the internet from I hope this helps. One more little tip - if your head feels really cold (bearing in mind that Autumn is approaching) try wearing two hats, a thin one tucked inside a thicker one.