kylie on telly

hi all
just noticed there is a documentary on tonight following kylie’s journey with bc. It;s on in wales at some unearthly hour but i guess you lot in england will be able to see it on c4 at a normal time.


Thanks Ruth

Thought I had missed it but for those of you with a digibox it is about to start again on Channel 4 +1.


hi i would like to have seen it i have catch up on tv please could you tell me the date it was on channel and time and title and i can see if i can find it thanks

hi jal
It was Sunday channel 4 9pm called White Diamond:A Personal Portrait of Kylie Minogue , i am just watching it on sky plus

if you have a PC you can watch channel four programmes for up to 30 days

(I don’t have a PC - or watch TV anyway)

silly me!
I was so busy online I forgot to watch it myself!!


ROFL Ruth - you’ll have to try 4oD too


thanks for the info i shall make a cuppa and try and watch it on catch up tv…
have a good day all
x julie x

hi i have virgin and tried catch up tv but wasnt on it obviously didnt think good enough as only hold so many progs for a week. i tried this 4od but dont know how to find it if anyone watched it on 4od please give me guidelined i tried lots of ways but couldnt find it thanks

It’s not on 4od either. I wonder if something to do with distribution rights or copyright?

you have to download and install the 4od gizmo - hence I can’t take you further than that as I don’t have a PC