Kylie Can anyone back me up on this one?

I suppose most of you are aware that in the news recently Kylie was said to have been given the “all clear” by her doctors. There was a debate on t.v. about this with a well known doctor saying that it was wrong that they had told the media this. Apparently, once you have had cancer and all the treatment you are in remission. No doctor can say to you it will never come back.

Well I was discussing this with a work colleague and she said if the doctors have told her she has the all clear, then she has. I argued with her but you cannot tell her anything, she thinks she knows it all.

Appreciate anyone’s views on this.

Hi Christineann The short answer is that it depends on the cancer. According to my specialist breast surgeon, for some cancers 5 years without recurrence does equal cure. She wishes that breast cancer was like that so that she could sometimes have the pleasure of telling her patients that they are cured. Unfortunately it isn’t. It can come back months, years or even decades after first diagnosis and treatment. It won’t come back for all of us or even the majority of us, but no-one can ever promise any of us, not even Kylie, that our cancer won’t recur.


Media myths Hi Christineann

In fact Kylie Minogue’s doctors didn’t give her the ‘all clear’ at all. The reports in some of the papers (notably the Sun I think) said that they did. The press release made by her spokesperson said that following chemo and surgery and scans there was no evidence of disease (I’m paraphrasing here.) Parts of the media then turned it into an all clear story, and in fact someone speaking for Minogue pointed out that she is still at risk. There was a thread a couple of weeks back on this but not sure where. BCC also issued a helpful press release which you could look up on the site.

It is possible after 5 years for doctors to cautiously give ‘all clear’ on some cancers, but not breast cancer which can reappear years…even 20 years later.

Kylie Minogue is in the same position as any of us with invasive breast cancer…we have to live the best we can with uncertainty.

Sock it to your friend who doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

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I agree Christineann. Thought you could tell your work colleague that on the front page of the ‘Sunday Age’ in Melbourne there was an article on Kylie holidaying with her family. She is undergoing radiotherapy here and there was no mention of a cure. It was very careful to mention that the treatment was to ‘reduce the risk of recurrence of cancer cells after surgery’ and that her ‘publicists had released a statement this month…that they had received no sign of any recurrence of cancer’.

I think it’s a case of public education and awareness. My sister told me a few weeks ago that Kylie had been cured, hoping to cheer me up, and was very surprised when I said I didn’t think it was possible. Maybe one day…

I have to laugh cos if I dont I will be in a sorry state…the surgeon treating Kylie is the same one who treated my friend in Paris and there is no way he would issue an “all clear” statement he is a great believer in nothing present at this time…but time will tell. I spoke to chantelle today and asked her about how she was feeling…after all we are both in this rocky boat she told me this poor man is haunted by press who think he has cured Kylie when infact all he has done is his job,refering her for chemo.,now I want to know how she can go to Aus for rads since I was told I would have to go through all the same processes again if I moved back t Scotland after chemo, and it would take time to sort out rads there,AND THEY SAY MONEY DOESNT TALK!!!..I wonder!!!