KYLIE !! Kylie is doing her first interview on SKY ONE 16th July at 9 o’clock.

Kylie I am going to say it now before the programme is on TV , I feel really sorry for her, I would have hated being photographed and have my photo’s flashed all over the papers everytime I left my home or hospital. don’t you think the paparazzi should have left her alone during this awful time.

Also all this coverage in the press that she has beaten cancer is all thier usual talk, Kylie at no time had appeared on TV or in a magazine advising such, I think the programme will be interesting and I also think she is a lot braver than some i.e. Caren Keating who kept her diagnoses quiet like it was some dirty secret.


Kylie and Caron. Hi, just wanted to comment on Caron Keating keeping her diagnosis a secret. I don’t think that makes Caron any less brave. Lots of people have no idea I have cancer, of course my family and close friends know but I choose who I disclose my diagnosis too. Not because I feel it’s a big secret but because I’m a fairly private person. Guess we all deal with our diagnosis differently.
Agree with you Debbie I would have hated my pic taken every time I left the house. :frowning:

Kylie & Caron Hi All

I will be watching this too , just to hear what Kylie has to say for herself because we all know that individuals can be ‘misqouted.’
I am not a particular fan but I do think that Kylie has behaved in a very dignified manner and I applaud her for that.
I read ‘Next to you’ by Gloria Hunniford ( which I actually found rather depressing ) and I gleaned from that that Caron did not want to be seen as a ‘victim’ I think it is clear to me that these two ladies have/had a very different way of dealing with their illness. I am more of a Kylie in that I am very open. I did not agree with a lot of what Caron did but it was her life and her choices and I think we have to accept that and respect it. I think if someone wants to 'keep it to themselves ’ that is their choice.
I have wondered if the fact that Caron’s grandmother died from BC has shaped the way she viewed cancer? Just a thought.

Panda xx

Kylie Hi All

I was dismayed when I read in our Perth newspaper that Kylie “had beaten cancer” and “was in full remission” and further down the article it implied that she was completely cured! I knew what people’s responses would be, and I was right.

When I got to work I lost count of the number of people who asked me if I was in full remission or cured.

It’s not Kylie’s fault but I wish these reporters would realise how much damage they are doing to those going through this terrible disease. I’m sure some people think we’re just looking for sympathy when we try to explain what is really happening to us. It’s not being negative, it’s being realistic!

Hopefully the interview will be shown in full and she will get the opportunity to put things straight.

I think she’s done pretty well considering the amount of scrutiny she had to put up with.

Love to you all


Kylie I admire Kylie, especially being such a public figure. it cant have been easy for her, on top of everything else. Its great that she is talking about it on tv and i am definitely watching the programme.

I understand what Debbie said about Caron K keeping it private - but i think its an individual choice.
I got diagnosed in Nov 05 and to date havent told my relatives - only my immediate family and very close friends know. I also come from an asian background that having BC is perceived differently - most people are afraid and judgemental due to their ignorance.
I am the kind of person who has the philosophy of live and let live - be there if anyone needs you but dont intrude on someones privacy.

sadly i have cut myself away from my community - firstly because i dont want to be that person that they are all talking and speculating about and secondly i dont want to be seen as ‘that poor woman - who wil marry her now’ kind of attitude.
I dont want people to upset my family, mostly my mum who bless her has been through BC herself and is going thru so much watching her baby go thru this.

But i havent locked myself away or dodge people i know when i see them on the street. i go about my usual routine and even go to work.

I would love to be the one to help change attitudes, but that takes time and energy. Hope to campaign and promote awareness and change attitudes when I am better to help people overcome the cultural barriers.


keeping it quiet jas,I too didnt tell anyone except cloasest friends and family(even my next door neighbours dont know)just said I’d got fed up with my waist length hair and cut it all off after I ditched my wig after treatment.the thought of my cancer being discused in shops and pubs behind my back was more than I could take.I even changed my gp because I knew the receptionist was a gossip.Am now nearly two years over chemo and busily growing that hair back!

hi josyemarie Hi

its nice to know that there is someone who understands the need for privacy. i gues everyone is differnt and deal with things differntly. like you i guard my privacy so fiercly. people who havent had exposure to smething like this dont understand what i am going through and some of the comments are just so out of this world. i once had a so called friend talk to me like i had become thick all of a sudden (she dumbed down our conversations) and that really annoyed me. I know i am not well at the moment but that doesnt mean that cancer has affected my intelligence! totally priceless.

and if i do bump into someone i know and they ask me about my hair, i tell them the same thing - i needed a hairdo change ;O)

i am nearly finished with chemo. got my last taxotere on the 3rd august and cannot wait to finish. my hair is growing back very slowly and i have got loads of grey hair. ihad jet black hair with some greys before and now its the other way round. but i dont worry about it - thank god for hair color.
cannot wait to get on with life after treatment - almost getting impatient now as only got till end of sept when i finish radiotherapy. and time is going at a snails pace

after that i then have my reconstruction to look forward to (had a mastectomy in april). when i dont know for sure - but the oncologist tells me i have to wait 2years to make sure all is clear before i can have recon. was bothered by it initially but now, m used to having one boob. plus you cant tell with the prosthesis.

will keep you posted how it goes.

take care


Hi Jas My last chemo end of july9 and my rads were over by end sept hair(prev dark brown with some grey)came back white so went blonde for a nov wedding. It came bk very quickly.chemo does drag,someone told me you’ve got to take a year out of your life for breast cancer treatment and how right they were!do keep me posted Jas,I had a lumpectomy jan04 was offered a reconstruction but although my breast looks pretty strange it doesnt bother me. Dont know if Id have a reconstruction after a mastectomy though.maybe if I was younger.Im 48.hi jas

hi josyemarie hiya

hope you are well.
i think its all about how comfortable you are with yourself. when i was told i was to have chemo and mastectomy, i was just devastated and thought about how i would cope with it. after lots of tears and tantrums i finally accepted what was happening and amazingly got used to it. immediately after mastectomy i had a peak (soon as i was conscious) and it wasnt too bad.
am used to having one breast at the age of 33, but would still like to have reconstruction.

losing my hair was another thing i got used to - i have forgotten what i look like with hair ;O) although i do miss the styling and coloring of my hair (but not the expense)

and you are so right about the 1year for treatment. when i asked my oncologist and he said it will take 1year, i was shocked. i was diagnosed in Nov 05 and finish treatment around sept 06. its been a long and tough time.

I am at work at the moment (have worked thru it) and at times wonder if i am mad to be working (esp when i feel so bone tired). keeps me busy and helps me focus on something else. have my final chemo this thurs (i hope the bloodwork is fine and all is well-getting anxious as dont want any delays or hitches).

will keep you posted.

take care


attitude Really hope everything goes well for you,you are in my thoughts.You seem to have the same attitude as me- just got my head down and got on with it and on really bad days I switched on automatic pilot!I got through a lot better than relying on anyone,and besides close family who knew,were probably suffering more than me and trying to hide it.