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How we all has anyone hear hsd kyroplasty fir pain relief… I hsve crushed vertebrae due ro cancer and spinal mets and bbeen referred to spinal consultant regarding back pain so he is carrying outn kyroplasty whuch is injecting cemenr in ro crushed verrbae which stablises it it wnd prevents it from collapsing and helps pain releif just wondered id anyone else had this procedure and their experiences of it xxx

I had vertoplasty 2 years ago. It helped a lot as prior to this I had a lot of back pain and spasms. This sounds like it could be a similar procedure

Hi I had Vertebroplasty which is the same. I had collapsed L5 and was in agony. The procedure was painless ( I was sedated) and I had one night in hospital. I was really pleased with the result as was pain free.

i wouldn’t hesitate to have it



i had two vertebrae in my lower back cemented last year. I had general anaesthetic as had had an operation the week before for cancer on a vertebrae and collapsed vertebrae at the top of my back. I had post and pins to support it so they thought it would be more comfortable for me. It was amazing. All pain that I thought was pulled muscles disappeared immediately. No side effects