L word- series 3

L word- series 3

L word- series 3 Hi

Just got my hands on series three! Nice breast cancer story line coming up that ends…well Im not saying but its bloody depressing!

Just to warn anyone whos a fan!

Lynn xxx

? What is the L word ? Am i missing out on something chick???

Lesbain sex and the city Hiya lass

Well its actually really good -its like a lesbian sex and the city but all the lads and lasses at work love it! Its alot racer than sex and the coty too!

Anyway one of the main characters gets BC and well the outcome is shite- all my mates were like erm dont think we wont to watch that!

Anyway its lon livng tv on a thursday night…just dont let the kids see it! :slight_smile: hehe

Hows you doing hun??

Love lynnxx

oh Oh, thanks for that, sounds great! But got freeview and that does’nt include Living! you’ll just have to keep me posted!!!