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just wondering if anyone has experienced/is experiencing this…

I finished 6 x FEC in Jan this year and started tamoxifen about 4 weeks ago then started rads on thurs last week - have had 2 blasts

for the last couple of weeks I’ve been very sleepy - between 12 and 18 hours most days and very tired when I’m up and about. I’m also having problems with memory and concentration, like I’m half there. An example is I read the book by Jane Plant about bc, and had to read many passages twice/3 times to get what she was saying, and decided as a result I would switch to soya instead of dairy, but not follow anything else she suggested. And I can’t for the life of me remember what it was that made me come to that conclusion. I was telling my friend about it and had to stop because I couldn’t remember. I can focus to cook, drive etc but my memory is completely unreliable. I feel like I have lost part of my mind.

I took tamoxifen for 5 years last time I had bc and had none of this stuff - could it be linked to menopause? chemo?

I would really appreciate any thoughts etc about this
thanks, monica xx
Also getting chills as well as hot flushes, even in bed.

Hiya - So sorry to hear that it must be really distressing, cognitive things can have just as much impact as physical ailments. I’m sorry i don’t have any experience and can’t help but I wanted to post because you’re such a tower of strength to others on here with your posts so I’m hoping some answers and reassurance come speeding in for you. Take Care


I was sleeping up to 18 hours a day on Taxotere and by the end of it ended up in isolation for a week. I also now know I went through the menopause when I was on it, no hot flushes nothing - periods stopped with FEC, but the oncs are pretty certain it was Taxotere that rendered me post menopausal which was probably why the fatigue was so severe. Also, most of the side effects I experienced were at the extreme end of the scale.

I finished Herceptin nearly 2 years ago and for the past year I have been taking high strength Ginkyo Biloba as my concentration was so bad. I write a lot of copy for work and wasn’t coping on account of my poor levels of concentration. I also do a lot of stuff like invoicing and was bursting into tears as I would keep forgetting what to do and this was making me very panicky.

Hi monica
Ohhhh the rads are being particularly cruel to you - and yes this does seeem to happen to us all in varied degrees - i finsihed my rads at Xmas and it has taken til now to clear the clouds in my head.
The chills and flushes sound so familiar too and could be linked to your chemo/tamoxifen
As for the Plant book - I took it with a huge dose of salt and in the end decided it was a clever woman with an excellent scientific back grond using her knowledge to grasp at straws regarding dairy. She makes in my humble opinion flawed comparisons and therefore draws inaccurate conclusions. I have avoided dairy for yrs (since I was 12) due to a dislike of milk ( I was soooooo grateful to Maggie thatcher when she took school milk away) and hey ho here we go to breast clinic.
Good luck monica ‘daisy’ - oh and I hope its ok to say thanks for kindness to me on other threads x

thank you all so much, very reassuring!
giving up dairy is a doddle for me because I don’t much like milk and went off cheese during chemo. My OH says I told him I thought ‘the woman (Jane Plant) was tiresome’. I think he is enjoying me not being a bossy mare at the moment.
thanks again xxx

Hi there Daisyleaf,
Really sorry to hear about your symptoms and memory loss. I really hope you get some reassurance very soon and some mental clarity.
Best wishes from Welsh girl

Hi daisyleaf,

I know we’ve ‘spoken’ on other threads but just to say I’m over 2 yrs post chemo, rads and have been on first tamox, then arimidex and zoladex since Jan 08 and my memory, concentration etc,etc are still awful. I gather it’s due to a mixture of all the treatment and drop in hormone levels. It’s sooo frustrating but I’ve come to accept it now and try not to get upset about it.

Absolutely LOVE the title of your thread by the way - it’s me to a T!

Liz x

I started to lose concentration and forget what I was tyhinking olr saying when I became perimenopausal and was finding it very difficult to do my job properly. I job share and my colleagure, who was amazingly understanding and patient, found it difficult at times I know to pick the pieces up after me. My oestrogen levels were obviously plummetting but before I could egt too worried about what I was going to do about it I was dx with bc. This then took centre stage of my life. As I am only 5 weeks post op I haven’t been out and about yet to reveal my lack of concnetration although, I love reading and I haven’t really settled down to rally enjoy a good book since the op.

I was interested in getting the Jane Plant book, as I read the reveiws on Amazon, with everyone praising it to the hilt. I was concerned about the diary bit as I like butter but I haven’t drunk milk since I was 5, when I saw a cow being miked on my grandmother’s farm. I’m also a very late convert to cheese and yet I still ended up with bc. So, not sure what her argument there is.

Good luck Daisyleaf and I agree, your title thread says it all.
Annys x

I had 5 FEC and then 18 rads and to be fair at the end of rads i was totally useless memory wise and i struggled not to sleep every afternoon ( the kids ran a muck whilst i almost passed out!!). This continued till end of january when i started to pick up.

I find that i feel tired continually even after a good nights sleep and this is unusual. I blame Tamoxifen! The memory is better but not normal for me. If i have to do something like drive for a few hours i feel totally wiped out ( works gonna kill me).

All a bugger but i think we are all in a similar situation!!
Exercise has definatly helped.


Hello Daisyleaf,

I know i am a bit behind you regarding end of chemo ( last one was 24th) but I do feel so very tired and I do lack concentration, and feel a bit spaced out, i am also getting hot flushes and this is before I start to take tamoxifen !!

It must be chemo side effects I know it can take a while for our bodies to get back to pre-chemo, but it can’t come soon enough,I think that exercise would help, i’am not quite ready for the gym yet but just had a nice long walk with the dogs and I think that helps with mental stimulation.

Hope you feel better soon x

Its horrible to be pleased I’m not the only one like this, but I am so relieved. I thought I was sinking into some mad trough of depression and it scared me a bit.
I hope we all of us start to feel better soon - its no way to make the most of your life, and it feels like thats my job right now!
love to everyone xxx