Lactose intolerance and Letrozole

Hi ladies, I’m about to start taking Letrozole.

I’m lactose intolerant and because Letrozole tablets contain lactose I’m worried that the Letrozole might not be absorbed properly and not do the job it’s supposed to.

I’m worried then that there’s an increased risk in the cancer reoccurring.

Is anyone else worried/ affected by this or am I overthinking it.


If you have any concerns I’d speak to your oncologist or breast care nurse before you start them and get their advice.

Least you’d know if you are over thinking it or not, I have been on letrozole since the end of feb but I’m not lactose intolerant so I couldn’t comment on that.

Good luck
Jackie xx

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Yes definitely go back to your oncologist or breast care nurse. I would imagine the amounts are tiny compared to normal milk products. Maybe you could take a lactase supplement but you will need advice from your team. Best of luck.


Hi I’m lactose intolerent, but am able to have bio yoghurt or natural yoghurt which settle the gut flora, i also take Acidophilus - dairy free which chemically does the same. I’ve had no dietary side effects only the usual of aching limbs, tiredness. But like the ladies say discuss it with your Oncologist and even your own GP to allay all points. Hope this helps, and i’ve been on it for 2 years now, love and hugs Moonsox xxx

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