Lady care magnet for hot flushes

Has anyone heard of or used a lady care magnet to reduce side effects of hormone therapy?? It looks too good to be true but if you have any advice I’d love to hear a success story x


have got close to buying one many a time, some people really rate them. I started a thread about it on here a few months ago…

downside I gather is that you clip it in your knickers and should wear it for as long as you want it to work ii.e. all of the time !!! It just seemed too in the way for me personally.

heard a funny story about this lady whose magnet kept sticking to her shopping trolley through her clothes !!!

if you do get one I’d be interested to know how you get on!


I bought one back in June when I had to come off hrt.  I have had it in my knickers ever since, only removing it for baths.  I get about 2-4 hot flushes during the day, nothing major, but come about 8pm they kick in to about one a hour, and much stronger.  Unfortunately during the night they come every hour really really intense, plus sweats.  I’m not sure if I didn’t wear it I would be bad during the day as I was in the past when I tried to come of hrt but certainly not getting any relief during the night.  Some women do swear by them.  And yes, you do sometimes attach to metal objects lol. 

Hi, I know this is a slightly old thread, but I just had to reply when I saw it. My periods stopped about half way through chemotherapy, Septemberish last year, and by Dec I was getting hot flushes. By Jan I was having up to ten a day, they didn’t last long but were extremely annoying and I was constantly ripping off jumpers and coats and being embarrassed by my sweaty red face! Sleep was also disturbed. Btw I’m 41 and until chemotherapy, my periods were normal.

Anyway, doctors/bcn recommended sage tablets and a “chillow”. Sage tablets did nothing and I never got around to getting the pillow as I read about the lady car magnet and, though sceptical, thought I’d give it a go. I have to add that I’ve tried a few different alternative remedies for various things over the years eg sea bands for  morning sickness, acupuncture for hair loss after pregnancy etc and nothing has ever worked so I really didn’t expect anything. But within two days my hot flushes had completely stopped. Completely. Haven’t had one since. I’ve been wearing it 24/7 for two months and honestly can’t believe how amazing it has been. I know it doesn’t work for everyone and there’s no guarantee, but it clearly can work so if you can afford it, you may as well try it. I’m so relieved I came across a random thread somewhere talking about it otherwise I wouldn’t have heard of it. I mentioned it to my bcn, who had also never heard of it. Hopefully she will now suggest it and hopefully someone might read this and get the relief that I have.

Hi ladies,

Interesting posts, I’m experiencing severe night sweats and are taking Tamoxifen, but they were starting before bc so don’t think it’s entirely down to the medication.

I’ve bought some sage tea so I’m going to give that a go for now, but I’m intrigued by the Ladycare magnet! I spoke to my bc nurse today who also advised that acupuncture is very effective in reducing night sweats, so another option perhaps?

I find that I wake up suddenly then a second later I’m drenched, not pleasant!


Onwards & upwards!

Love to all.xx