Lady Care Magnet

I’ve been recommended by a BCN to try a Lady Care Magnet for the side effects of Tamoxifen, mainly joint pain. On Boots and Amazon web sites they have mixed reviews against the treatment of hot flushes but no mention of joint pain. Would welcome any feedback.

There is a thread about ladycare magnet in the hormone therapy section ,some people seem to have found it very helpful ,others not so much .Have a look .

Hi, I’ve been put on Letrozole and my Onco told me to take ibroprufin, and glucosamine couldn’t hurt. (?) Holland and Barret have recommended Turmeric as the new wonder drug for joint pain. Its costing a fortune!

I thought Lady Magnet was for hot flushes !? ?

That’s what I thought to be honest and at the moment it’s the joint pain that is my biggest issue. I can’t take ibuprofen and years ago took glucosamine after a car accident and got on quite well. To be fair it’s 1 am and I’ve been awake since midnight with it I’ll try anything. Thank you ladies.

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I too have been put on Letrrzole, and having lots of hot flushes, I thought i would give the ladycare magnet a try.

If your looking for joint pain help and finding the tumeric from health shops too expensive try making golden past , theres a facebook group that tells you all about it   and will give you the recipe, worth a look. 

 Tumeric User Group


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