Large lobular

Hi ladies…have any of you been diagnosed with a large lobular?? Looking for support after going through mastectomy and reconstruction…nowon arimadex x

Hi Rachel. Sorry you havent had any replies yet. I had DCIS not Lobular. I am sure you will get further response and support. Good luck x

Aww thanks for that hun xxx

Hi Rachy65


Emily here from Someone Like Me at Breast Cancer Care. 


I know it’s been a while since you posted, but I just wanted to let you know that Breast Cancer Care has telephone volunteers who have had a lobular diagnosis and have finished their treatment.


They know how important it is to talk, so if you’d like to speak one of them, then feel free to send us your contact details through this link and we’ll get in touch to arrange for a volunteer to call you.


I hope this helps

Emily x

Hi Emily
Thank you for that.
I already use that service and find it very good,
Rachael xx

Hi I’m recently diagnosed with Lobular and been told the size is 10cm. I’m due to have a mastectomy next Friday 26th Jan 18 without implant as they are having to take all the skin. As far as I’m aware my lymph nodes look ok but a couple will be took for biopsy when I have surgery. From first going to Breast Centre and having biopsies it will be 6 wks to my surgery. People keep telling me that is a very long time to wait but none of them have had cancer. I don’t actually know how long other people have waited for surgery when faced with this and would be interested to know. Thanks x

Hi jacs i dont know what lobular is. I have dcis diagnosed nov 17 and having mx feb 18. Having lymph nodes taken tomorrow. Im sure they ate confident in your timeframe.

Hi Jacs
My onc told me that the size virtually makes no difference to good prognosis…do you know if you will be having onco dx test if nodes are neg? X
Rachael x

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