Large Lump found

Hi so I went to the doctor today who has requested to go to the hospital with my lump which feels like a tennis ball… so my worry is my glands are all up aswell in my neck and I can feel one under my rib cage and in my lower stomach the doctor could not feel any under my arm pitt

My question is can your glads feel enlarged but not be infected with cancer if this lump turns out to be cancer any advice… like could your glands be up because you have a cancer lump or would they only be up if they were infected!

I have a 7 year old little girl. So as you can imagin I am in over drive I have felt like these glads have been up for at least a few month thats how I found the lump in my breast I was washing in the shower and feeling my neck then I felt it in my breast… this situation is a nightmere! I have never felt so frightend in my life!



Cant give you any advice as my symptoms are different…just wanted to give you a hug…I have a daughterinlaw called Louise and you are probably only her age…I feel your anxiety,  Don’t worry too much…from being on this Forum, I have learned one thing i.e. most of these lumps and bumps are benign, harmless entities.  So, don’t worry … you and your little girl are going to be fine xxx

Thank you sending you a hug back I think the waiting for appointments is the worst thanks for taking the time to reply :heart: Xxx

Hi Louise have you posted in “ask the nurse” section they may be able to offer advice. If you post there hopefully they would get back to you tomorrow. Your mind can play all sorts of tricks and it is very difficult waiting when you really don’t know what you might be dealing with. Hard to give reassurance as no one knows until you have the relevant tests. But as Feather says there is so many possibilities that it could be. Try to keep yourself occupied to distract your mind and not googling as it’s not always helpful and can just increase anxiety. Thinking of you and hoping that you don’t have to wait too long to get some answers x 

Hi whitelily I know its so awful this, my sister in law is a nurse and she said to go private so I can get the answer quicker she said its about 100 pound but I wouldnt be able to afforad private treatment I am at work this morning so when Im finished will ring the doctors and see what my options are. I am a very anxious person anyway. Im so glad there is a place where woman can talk to each other I feel a little calmer this morning its like waves it comes and goes I will have to try stay calm. I am wishing you all the best and Im sure it wont be BC thanks you for your reply Xx


I think a private appointment to see a Consultant is £100- £150.  The tests etc will jump up the costs.


In the NHS, You will definitely be seen within the 2 week period.  You will have all the tests etc at the Breast Clinic…they are very, very efficient and you will be in good hands.


Hopefully, they will find no abnormality and that will be it.


Good luck Louise xxx

Morning Louise,
My urgent referral to the breast clinic took over 4 weeks due to staff annual leave etc. I decided to go private as I couldn’t wait that long. I had my examination, mammograms and ultrasound done privately. I was told I had bc after these tests. I was then fed back into the nhs for my biopsies and will be with the nhs for the remainder of my journey.
The private clinic I attended offered an option to pay over 12 months. I was very open with the private staff about self funding and this is why the biopsies were done on the nhs.
Hopefully you won’t have long to wait till you get your breast clinic appointment and ask to be put on the cancellation list in the off chance you can be seen quicker.

My symptoms were breast pain, nipple inversion, a dent that comes and goes and a lump of approx 2.5cm. I had no swollen lymph nodes. The ultrasound picked up a suspicious lymph node and I had that biopsied. I do have bc in my lymph nodes. My lymph nodes are still not swollen.

If you are struggling with the wait as others have said go see the Gp and get something to help manage your anxiety. The waiting and wondering really is the worst bit. Keep using the forum as you are definitely not alone.