Large Mass Left Breast Aged 25

Hi all, 6 months ago I found this mass, after an US I was told it was a “Ridge” of glandular tissue. Told to take cod liver oil and multi vits and sent on my merry way with information about managing breast pain. (I hadn’t told them I was in any regular pain)

In an effort to trust them I tried to forget about it, and with a 4 year old and a 5 day a week job 6 months flew by very very easily.

Now I’m sat here, with the same mass, I’d say either completely unchanged or a slightly different shape and an appointment back at the breast clinic next wednesday. I’m completely freaking out. What if that stupid 6 month wait was the difference for me? :frowning:

I’m completely aware of the statistics, and given that I’m 25 and theres no family history at all it is highly unlikely but it is not impossible. This is my third stressful nod towards cancer in as little as a year and I’m sick of it.

Can I push for a biopsy if all I’m offered is an US again?

I’m not sure that I’ve developed any accompanying symptoms to be honest, with the exception of a slightly inverted nipple. That may have been there before though, and I’m now just seeing it as a red flag. Who knows. With regards to them calling it a “Ridge” - I can feel both sides of it. So it doesn’t seem to be a ridge, more a long mishapen sausage. I remember having two distinct stabbing pains, and this is why they gave me pain management information. Despite me reminding them that it wasn’t a constant pain, but just two super painful shoots (thought it was my heart) that then disappeared as quickly as they showed up. It was a month after this I noticed the mass. The only other symptom I’d say is that when I’ve played with it, fiddled or become more aware or paranoid about it, I get an ache in the area and all down my left arm. I also have the Nexplanon implant which unbeknownst to me can apparently cause lumps, so that buggers coming out ASAP.

Please forgive me for how freaked out I am, I honestly feel terrified. Which I’m sure is normal, and I’m hoping some friendly advice on this forum may help me.

Also if you have been diagnosed and have a similar situation, please don’t be afraid to tell me about it. I’m not scared of having BC because I’d deal like a positive trouper, I’m terrified of it having been missed and me now not having much chance.

Kindest wishes,


Hi Natalie,

Sorry to see you have this anxiety, which is fairly inevitable when going through all of this. If the dr can clearly see what it is on US, then they would not necessarily do a biopsy, so it is most likely correct what happened at your previous appointment.

You’re absolutely right about the stats, bc is the least likely reason for your symptoms, but obviously you do need a clear answer on what it is, otherwise it will only play on your mind.

In view of your feelings now, you will obviously, ensure you get an answer you are happy with at the next appointment & be clear about the biopsy situation. 

Hope this all gets resolved swiftly for you. 

ann x



I just wanted to echo ann’s post, you are doing the best thing to have it checked out again for your own peace of mind and so that you can move on from here.


Let us know how you get on and remember we are all here to help and support you whenever you need.


Helena xx