Large tumour/low onco

Hi!..I’ve posted similar before, but with no reply. .was wondering if any of you ladies have had large, node neg tumours? And if so…did you skip chemo like me after getting a low onco score back? X Rachael x

Hi Rachy, I was one of the lucky ones eligible for the oncotype test and was lucky again to have a low result (17), so no chemo.  My surgeon said it is ensuring locally that chemo is used appropriately. x

Hi Janey.thankyou for reply. .my lobular was 6.5cm, grade 2 …onco 15…I just worry that traditionally I would have been given chemo. . (Even though I’m thankful I didn’t have to have it! )…what was you’re size? Grade etc?..I continually worry bout size of mine but docs say it was irrelevant x Rachael x

Hi Rachy
I had invasive ductal. Same grade as you but 3.5 cm. A friend of mine had Oncotype test about 3 years ago, just before the NHS adopted it. A much bigger tumour (can’t remember the size) and a higher grade, with a result of 18. Someone going through testing on here, at the same time as me, had a 1cm tumour and Oncotype in the 70s I think, so it really seems to be very specific and personalised, which is amazing: and it does seem that size isn’t an indicator. Rotten for you to feel such anxiety. It does lessen as time goes on. I’m almost a year on from my Oncotype result and am in a different place emotionally. I was with my Mum at the weekend. She had BC 28 years ago and she tells me she hardly gives it a thought now, which is further reassurance Xx