Last Chemo (no.6) yesterday feeling emotional

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I had my last chemo.
The day before I had an oncology appointment to discuss next steps which will be 4 weeks radio then hormone treatment to put me into early menapause which is scary.
I got a bit teary on the way back from the oncologist, but I just couldn’t stop crying during chemo yesterday and again this morning.
I can’t explain why, I don’t feel a huge sense of relief the chemo over…I thought I might. …Maybe that’s part of it but it’s probably because there are still some hurdles to cross.
I’m 40 years old, married with no children. I’ve never had a burning desire to have children but now that this choice is being taken away I think maybe it’s a bit of grief.
Has anyone else felt like this?
I’ve also pit on a load of weight which isn’t helping as I know this will be a long struggle to get back to feeling fit and healthy. Xx


Yes I think it’s probably a mixture of relief that that parts over, but knowing there is more to come.

I remember getting upset when I had the third cycle, because I’d just had a meeting with the oncologist, who had then gone through what was coming next. It felt like too much to cope with.

Just have to take it one day at a time.

Give yourself time to get over this last cycle. I think you’re find that although radiotherapy is no walk in the park, it is more doable than chemo. You’ve done the hard part!

I can’t comment re. children…I had mine many years ago, so when I was told I needed letrozole and zoladex, I just got on with it.

I suppose its about feeling in control of your own body again

Thanks Sue.
I’ve been told I’ll be getting letrozole & zoladex too, can I ask what side affects you experienced and how you feel now?

Hi, just read your post and I to had my last chemo tue past. It may be that your relieved it’s over, I know that you need to be strong to cope with chemo as it’s tough on us all, emotionally and physically. I also think that when we don’t have a choice about things we find it hard to accept. This breast cancer malarkey makes us all Realise how vulnerable we are. Try and stay strong.