Last chemo tomorrow!!

Hi everyone,
Tomorrow is my last chemo, had 3 x FEC and this will be my 3rd and final Taxotere…yippeee! At the start of this journey i didn’t think i would get to here and still be sane but i have…through all the ups and downs, especially the downs, and theres been sooo many of those, this site and all you lovely ladies with support and advice has been invaluable and i don’t think i could have coped so well without you…THANK YOU.
I haven’t been a regular poster but a bit of a lurker, but have read all the posts almost every day and they have kept my spirits up when i have been down and helped me to realise that everything i have felt is “normal”. This site is fantastic!
Sorry to ramble on !

I hope you are all having a good weekend

Sue x

Hi Sue

Congratulations on reaching your last chemo - hope all goes OK for you tomorrow and let us know. Will be a strange feeling I bet, and would love to know as I am there too this week.

I have my last chemo on Wednesday, as long as all goes ahead, just got out of hospital as admitted week ago Friday as neutropenic levels went to 0.08!! Like you have had 3 x FEC and this will be my 3rd Taxotere. I never thought I would see the end of it, and hasn’t it flown past, well has for me.

Good luck for tomorrow and do let us know how you feel and how went etc.

Take care

Hi Sue and Dawn
Me too! Last taxol tomorrow, and what a sigh of relief that’ll be after six months of treatment due to complications. I want to celebrate, but there’s that delay first while we get through the effects of the last dose. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll be ready to try a glass of wine again ?(makes me feel really sick at the mo). And chocolate cream eclairs.
What about you?
Love Jacquie x

Hi Jacquie & Sue

I did have a couple of glasses just before last tax, on hindsight might not have been good idea, as might have been part of my downfall last week. Will be a relief, cannot believe we are there, as seemed so far away at the beginning, mine has not been as long as yours Jacquie, started 8 August, and as no complications been on time. Chocolate eclairs, nothing has stopped my appetite for some reason, have had chocolate, lemon meringue is my latest fetish and anything else. Have put on stone and a half since starting, luckily was only 8 stone at the beginning.

Good luck to you both tomorrow, I will, hopefully join you Wednesday. Take care and be thinking of you. Jacquie hope you have no delays.

Lots of Love

Hi SueM68

Congratulations - you are just a few steps behind me. I finished 2 1/2 weeks ago and am having my op on 28th Nov. It’s such a nice feeling to come to the end of chemo and know you’re not going to have to go through it again.

You are right this website is fantastic and everybody is very supportive.
Hope all goes well tomorrow.
Best wishes
RebzAmy xxx

Hi Sue

Congrats on reaching your last chemo - u r just almost a week behind me - I had my last chemo last Tuesd - and altho this should be my ‘bad week’ prob starting about today - it seems slightly different - went out late this afternoon and had a lovely tea and few drinks with one of my best friends… Its such a good thought to know I wont have to go thro this poison again (everything crossed!!!). I have another scan on Wed and meet with surgeon on Frid to decide on what type of surgery on 10 Dec. Whatever… its a great feeling to have stage 1 of 3 under my belt - its been a long haul in some ways but in others , cant believe thats stage 1 passed!!!

Thinking of you with a smile and for all those who are just staring - YOU WILL GET TRO IT!!



Thank you all for your kind wishes, it means alot from people who really understand what it is like.

Dawn… i have been reading your posts on other threads and was glad to hear you are feeling a bit better after your stay in hospital, i am lucky i haven’t had to experience something like that, it must have been awful. It has seemed to fly by but had someone told me that at the beginning i would never have believed it! i haven’t lost my appetite either unfortunately and have piled on 2 stone and am gutted the new year will be filled with dieting i think, i must fit back in my clothes! Good luck for wednesday.

Jacquie… Good luck tomorrow too, i am torn between being overjoyed at the end of this stage and nervous about the next, but on the whole glad this bits almost over and looking forward to my hair growing back, oh and my eyelashes and eyebrows!!

Rebzamy… thank you…how are you feeling now 2 weeks post last chemo… i am hoping i will start to feel almost human again by then! Congrats on finishing the bad bit.

Fiona… Have you felt less yuk this time? I was floored the 1st tax then the 2nd was no where near as bad so hoping this one even better, you are right you can get through the awful chemo and it does work…my lump has shrunk from 7x6 cm to nothing… i had to have metal clip things put in so they know where the tumour was for when i have surgery.

Thank you all so much for your kind wishes, i shall be thinking of you all and wishing you good luck for last chemos and surgeries etc…We CAN do it.

Sue x

Hi Sue

I’m feeling great thanks. Am out on the town, keeping myself as busy as possible in the lead up to my op. I always found that a few days after chemo I started picking up and within a week other than bad taste in mouth felt pretty much normal. I did have some hiccups in the beginning when I ended up in hospital three times after each lot of chemo but then I got the neulata injection to boost my white blood count and since then have been fine. I also finally got myself a wig and have something that was not that dissimilar to my old hairstyle but much blonder and have had so many complements on it.

Anyway thinking of you for tomorrow.

RebzAmy xx

Hope last one went smooth - it is a great feeling to be done isn’t it. I finished two weeks ago - I feel so much more upbeat now and just hav rads to do as had surgery in May/June (two lots!!!). I am longing for my hair to return now and keep checkin’ my head every morning. I will never again complain about my hair being a mess - I will stroke it and say ‘lovely, lovely hair, don’t ever leave me again’!!!
Well done you - give yourself a big hug from all of us and a treat too!

Hi everyone,
Well thats it last one done and dusted…thank goodness! Once this weeks over its onwards and upwards and hopefully my energy levels will start to get back to some sort of normality, a walk to to the local shop takes it out of my poor legs these days!

Anoush, i too will never ever complain again about my hair( when it eventually comes back) needing cutting so often i will love it and nurture it instead…lol…good luck for your rads.

Hope evryone is having a good day

sue x

Hey Sue

Good to hear thats you too finished chemo - its a great feeling…my worst time will be later this week but then that will be it. As you say, it will be good to try to get energy levels back and not get out of breath just climbing the stairs!! - I used to be soooooooo fit!

I have had fuzz growning in between chemo but its very fine baby hair - hopefully after this we will all have such lovely healthy shiny hair that has never been chemically treated or straightened or anything - I am hoping for straight hair this time as was curly but ANYTHING WILL DO!!

Take care