Last dose of radiotherapy - something to celebrate

Hiya, of course I know that just because the radiotherapy has finished it does not mean that this whole experience is over but I just wanted to share my joy at having finally received my last dose of RT today!

My chest is incredibly sore, my ‘breast’ (reconstruction) appears to have doubled in size and my implant is even more hard than it already was but, as much as the medics were fantastic, I am so pleased not to have to travel in and out of central London every day again!

And to top the day, a woman with whom I have got talking in the waiting area gave me a lovely bunch of flowers this afternoon too. It was so kind of her, and we have promised to keep in touch and meet up.

I’d like to raise a glass to everyone, and wish you all the best in your particular treatment plan.


Well done Naz for getting through it, very well done.