Well i have not been on for ages and ages. Not well before Christmas with low white cells and terrible chest infection. Kept myself hidden away from everyone. My last treatment should have been New Years Eve but was postponed. I am happy to say that it went ahead on THURSDAY 10th JANUARY. Still feeling a bit rough, but am so relieved to be finally finished all my treatment. My next hospital letter arrived and its for an appoint in July, well that does feel weird. Apparently i am completely normal for feeling a little bit lost and scared of not being supported so regularly by everyone at the hospital. Only at the end of a phone they keep telling me. Well I have at least 2 cm of hair! WOW albeit curly and grey and it was black and straight before!!! Any hair is a bonus so i am really not bothered. Just wishing the next week away so i can start to feel better and try and get a bit fitter again as laying about so much due to the chemo has certainly taken its toll on my fitness level and weight!

Keep going all you lovely ladies out there, i thought the end would never arrive but it has and now it seems reallly quick. YOU CAN DO IT TOO xxxxxxx

Hi Gaynor, Congratulations and well done you! I am on my last in 2 weeks and cant wait, must be a great feeling. Hope you get rid of the side effects soon and start to feel better

Congratulations to you for finishing. I finished on 21 Nov, but now on herceptin. As Jill says hope your side effects disappear very soon, and you start to feel better again. Wishing you well for the future and hope your appoint in July is a good one - seems such a long way off. Well done on the hair too, mine is about half an inch I reckon, but very dark whereas I was mousey blonde before. But better than none at all.

Take care

Hi Gaynorp,

Great to hear from you again. Your excitement leaps off the screen. I can remember posting on one of your threads some months ago and look already the treatment is all over. I know you will go on from strength to strengthen. My last Chemo will be on the 31st so I too am getting excited.

Take care


Well done Gaynorp, and congratulations its a great feeling isnt it, i finished my chemo 2 days ago and was so happy to have it over with, hang on in there everyone like Gaynorp says you can do it too.

Best Wishes
Lindiloo x