Lasting paid following LD flap

Is anyone experiencing ongoing pain following an LD flap reconstruction? I had my surgery 20 months ago and in pain and discomfort every day.  LD flap with an implant was my only option for a reconstruction.  I was advised that unless I was a rock climber or avid swimmer I should be fine to continue with life pre surgery.  I was very active and enjoyed doing 4-5 exercise classes a week.

My oncologist encouraged me to resume exercise.  But even hoovering is causing me problems.  My surgeon has advised me I’m doing too much.  That anything that involves raising my arm above my head will be an issue for me.  

Even turning over in my sleep means I have to wake up to move as the pain wakes me up.  I’ve had an ultrasound to check my reconstruction and other than the implant hardening from radiotherapy they say everything looks as expected.  It’s not just my boob it’s mainly my arm it aches all the time and some days I just want to hold it to take the weight off of it.

is anyone experiencing something similar or can offer any advice? Thanks  

I don’t have any wisdom to share but just to say this sounds very uncomfortable and not right really after 20 months . You could ask some advice in the Ask the nurses section or ring them for advice ?

Hi @Simmo  

Am so sorry you’re having such discomfort. Given you’re 20 months down the line, I’m wondering if your discomfort may be down to a trapped nerve or to tightening/contracture of muscles, delayed chording etc. This might be easily resolved by some physio and stretching out exercises.

May be well worth asking your breast consultant/nurse if they could refer you for physio to try, and see if that helps.

Hope it can be somehow resolved for you soon. Good Luck with it and please do let us know how you go on with it, will you. I’m personally interested myself to hear, but it could also be useful for any other members on here in the future  xx