Late Reconstruction

Hi, hope I am in the right place for this?


I had mastectomy in Sept 2012, followed by chemo and rads.  At that point I was not interested in having a re-construction, but am now considering the possibility.  I have spoken to Breast Care Nurse who is going to refer me for a consultation, but was wondering/hoping that there will be people on here who have gone down this path ie: choosing reconstruction some time after initial mastectomy.


Would be great to hear from anyone who has or is considering this option.


Thanks in advance

Dee x

Hi deeh

While you are waiting for some replies to your post, I thought our booklet on Breast Reconstruction might be helpful.  I have attached a link:

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Hi deeh,

I’ve just had reconstruction, a Diep flap, nearly three years on from my mastectomy. I would liked to have had it sooner but have been on various waiting lists after initial op, then chemo then radiotherapy. I can understand not wanting to have more surgery, I was dreading it, the anaesthetic, being in hospital, the long recovery, but I so hated that prosthesis and had hated the way my body looked I thought it was worth it. I still look like I’ve been in a car crash, but it’s three weeks on so early days, it’ s not painful, more uncomfortable and I’m still not able to walk completely upright, but Soooo pleased I’ve had it done. It does feel as if I can really move on now. It could always come back I suppose but I tend to ignore that aspect!

Hi deeh

So sorry, I’ve been at my parents and not able to get online for a few days. It’s now nearly four weeks on and I’m much more upright and I can walk further, but if I sit for any length of time it all contracts a bit. But absolutely no pain, I’ve been putting aloe Vera straight from the plant on my skin on my stomach which feltmlike a cheese grater had been taken to it, and that’s helped a LOT.

I ve always been told that the recovery was 2 to 3 months - can’t drive for 6 weeks. I didn’t really believe that but I can see now that might be- it’s the walking upright which is slow to happen and which slows things up, and I get tired in the afternoons, however I’ve read posts from other women who’ve recovered really quickly, driving after four weeks and able to be upright much sooner than I seem to be able. One reason I think is that they had to take a vey big wedge of skin and fat from my stomach to give me a breast anything like the size of my other one, I had reduction on the other side at the same time.

The waiting lists for delayed recon seem to be long all over the country, and I had my op cancelled three times! Somif you’re considering it you might want to go ahead and get yourself on the list, it’ll probably be a while anyway and if you change your mind, then you can. Don’t tell them you have doubts!

I have to say that I’m pleased I’ve done it even looking as horrible as I do at the moment - the scar on my stomach is HUGE! but I didn’t realise how much I was being affected mentally by my one breastedness until I was given two again. I thought I’d completely come to terms with it, but apparently not, because I now feel like it’s finally over. Do feel free to pm me if you’d like to and I’m more than happy to tell you my experiences as I recover.

Take care deeh and all the best


Hi Dee,


I had a mx in 2007.  I asked at the time for an immediate recon but was not allowed one.  It was hard then, choosing to go back for elective surgery at a later date, but I was sure in my mind that I wanted a recon.  As I had herceptin, I waited for that to be finished, then asked to go on the waiting list at my two year checkup.  It took six months to get an appointment with the plastic surgeon, then another six months to wait for an operation date.  So I had my recon (LD flap with implant - too slim to have any of my own fat to use) three years after the mx, and have never looked back.  It has made such a huge difference, and I am so pleased I did it.  I hated that prosthesis, it was a daily reminder of the cancer.  Going in to the operation was terrifying - this was elective, it wasn’t like the mx that had to be done, what if it all went wrong?  But I trusted my surgeon, I had heard good reports of his work, which really helped.

Hi Everyone.
I am just home from a delayed recon. Had mx October 2012 & finished all treatment chemo/rads/herceptin in Jan 2014. So it is a big decision going from being active/ back at work etc to relying on other half and family members. I do feel guilty with it being elective. After much thinking/ worrying I feel it is the right decision for me. It’s still early days as just home from hospital and have healing to do but feel really happy. Xx