Latest news about Maroke

Some of you may know her as Peggy.

She saw the oncologist last week, and was told that the Femara isn’t working anymore. There is basically nothing else they can do now, according to the oncologist.

She has a lot pain, and can’t get much sleep due to the pain. Ten days ago her sister brought her a hospital bed and a wheelchair. She is more comfortable on the hospital bed, and can manage to lie down for longer periods. She has not been anywhere since last Christmas, apart from trips to her dad and a couple of meals out. Last week she went for the market for the first time since Christmas, in the wheelchair. She enjoyed it, even though it was tiring.

Peggy is sorry that she is unable to get online to post, etc, but sitting in a chair even for a few minutes are too much. Peggy is now using morphine patches to combat the pain. A home nurse calls daily to check and change the patches when neccessary.

I’ll keep you updated with any developments.

Just to wish Peggy all the best and hope she manages to enjoy some of the lovely spring sunshine. love Pat x

I’m really sorry to hear that Peggy is so poorly. I hope she gets some decent pain relief to make her comfortable so that she can spend time with her lovely kids and family.

much love

I am really sorry to hear the Peggy is so poorly I was wondering where she was. Give my love to her and her family and thanks for letting us know
love Caroline

I am also really sorry to hear about Peggy, she was very active on these forums when I joined in last year so I followed a lot of what she had written. Please pass on my good wishes to her and hope she is able to get out into the fresh air a bit if she can and her pain can be controlled.
Nicky x

Sending my thoughts to you too Peggy, I too hope they are able to manage your pain so that are able to enjoy the sunshine and your family, xxx

Sorry to hear about Peggy, thanks for the update, I was wondering where she was. Hope the pain can be got under control and that Peggy can spend lots more time with her children
Lesley xx

i was thinking about her before I logged on and thinking that she hadn’t been posting. I’m so sorry to hear how poorly she is and hope that she can be made more comfortable and enjoy time with her children

Like everyone else I too had been thinking about Peggy…please send her my love…she’s been very much missed…sometimes I want to ask how someone is but hold back hoping they are taking a break from the board or not wanting to put any pressure on them replying. Love to you Peggy…and all your family…thinking of you my friend…x.x.x

Like others I’ve also been thinking about Peggy.

Please pass on my love and thoughts…she’s always been really supportive of me…and I’m so sorry she’s in such a hard place right now.

Jane x

Like Belinda, I hoped Peggy was taking a break from the forum and I don’t always want to intrude and ask what is going on but I too have been thinking of Peggy and hoping she’s well. I just hope she is comfortable with her lovely family. Thinking of you…


im so sorry to hear the news about Peggy - I hope that shes as comfortable as she can be.

Really sorry to hear the news about Peggy. Hope she can keep the pain to a minimum.

Please pass on my love to her.


I ‘spoke’ to Peggy about a month ago on another cancer forum, she was feeling a bit lost due to not being on chemo, as a result I did the ‘Not on chemo’ thread and have been hoping she would post. Well now I know why she hasn’t!
Peggy, I send you massive cyber hugs, I truly hope they can sort out the pain. Thank you for all the advice and chat that we have shared over the past year.
Love Debsxxx

Sad to hear this news about Peggy. Do hope that they can get the pain better under control and she can enjoy some time with her children.

Kay x

So sorry to hear that Peggy is so poorly at the moment. I really hope that she is made as comfortable as possible and can enjoy some precious time with her children. I really hope to see her posting on here again. We miss her.
Anne x

This is terrible - I do hope Peggy that you are getting the care and support that you and your family need at this time. I am not sure what the support services are like in your country but i really hope that they are excellent.

Sending you my very best wishes. Take care

peggy - wishing you well = thinking of you - love jaynex

Please pass on my love to Peggy.