lattimus dorsi flap reconstruction surgery (back flap)

Hi everyone . Am new to site and want to ask if anyone can tell me what recovery from this type of reconstruction is like particularly in shoulder. Am 5 weeks post op (mastectomy with immediate reconstruction) and got very limited movement in my shoulder. Physio has said that problem is borderline frozen shoulder. Anyone else experienced this.Thanks




Hi conpol
I had LD Flap reconstruction on 8th July (about 11 weeks ago)

The movement in my shoulder is pretty good… my main problems are pretty bad weakness on that side and the fact that the LD muscle still wants to work as a back muscle and so contracts massively whenever I do any activity where it would have previously doing the job in the back. The surgeon told me it may ‘twitch’ but even my physio has suggested I talk to the surgeon about it as it’s clearly visible, even through my clothing!

Other than that, it’s just in the last couple of weeks that I can now sleep on that side and even managed a brief spell of lying on my stomach the other night!

There’s still a good deal of numbness right down the surgery side but that’s almost become the new normal.

I think problems with frozen shoulder can crop up with many of the different surgeries and treatments which is why we’re encouraged to start the gentle exercises straight away. Even with these, however, it does seem fairly common but usually sorted with physio.

Hopefully someone who has experienced this will pop along soon and be able to help you. x

I had similar surgery 5 weeks ago today including lymph node evacuation. I am beginning to get full extension ability back in my arm with a little tightness on the back where muscle was removed but everything else seems ok.
I have been reassured by surgeons and physiotherapist that the stiffness and discomfort I am experiencing is completely normal at this stage and not to worry, just keep doing the exercises and stretches.
The most discomfort has been through a build-up of fluid on my back after the final drain was removed at the 3 week stage. This had to be drained manually by the surgeon last week and has built up again since. Hopefully this won’t continue too long !!!
As for getting comfortable in bed, that’s near as dammit impossible. I am still on my back for most of the time but am managing to roll onto my good side whilst supporting the newly constructed breast with a folded pillow to stop it moving too much. It’s good to hear that Mel has been able to lie on her op side after 11 weeks so hopefully not much longer for me. Absolutely dreading the first time I lie on my front as don’t know what to expect at all.
Thanks x