laxative ideas

i got my first fec June 11th and haven’t managed the loo - lots of wind though.
i have tried senokot then lactalose and now i’m on movicol, 3 sachets and still nothing. movicol makes me seriously heave and i don’t know how many more i can take it is absoloutly disgusting. my daughter suggested prune juice. anyone got any ideas to get things moving?

Hi: I found all-bran with the dreaded prunes worked for me, also had prunes after lunch and then, if really desparate, again in the evening. I am on Epi so maybe it isn’t so gross on that - also keep getting down the water - Good luck.

There is a recipe for a Make you go cake on one of these threads - see if you can find it.



hi there ,
i drank loads of oj and took andrews liver salts that done the trick 4 me .

Hi - recipe is on Undergoing treatment for BC - have bumped it up for you.

thanks for that carrieann. i have all those ingredients so i’ll make that today.

thanks queenie, i’ve got lots of fresh oj in the fridge.

i really have to do something because honestly that stuff from the doc is dusgusting.

Ann x


I find that the good old prunes work for me…like Julia had suggested.
They’re not too bad, better than the chemical stuff from the docs.

I hope something works for you soon.



I munched on liquorice which also worked.

Jane x

thanks for all the advice ladies. My OH is in from work and has now went to get prune juice for me. lets hope it works because i haven’t ‘pooped’ since the11th of June. : (

I have a bag of mixed fruit, constantly snacking on it and it works for me

I use a fibre supplement, which is fantastic, and helps so much. I have diverticular disease on top of evreything else, and so must avoid constipation at all times, or run the risk of infection-yuck! I take this one daily-it’s only available mail order, but with free p+p, and very prompt service, it’s very esaily accesible.

Hi Vodka

Like Carrieann (Julia) above, I started taking bran mixed with other cereal as I’m now 8 months on from chemo and still majorly constipated and this is the best remedy I’ve found by miles. I have to have it everyday and it really works naturally and is much better than any medicinal drugs I’ve taken.


I would just like to say a big thank you to all the ladies who gave me advice on this topic. I put all the laxatives to one side and made the ‘Go Cake’ and drank a litre of prune juice last night and ‘went’ this morning. sorry to be so graphic but i was on the loo or half an hour - great relief after 9 days - THANKS again.

Ann xx

YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE for Vodka - bet she’s lost weight now!!!