LCIS - A year on

Hi lobular ladies
I was diagnosed with LCIS in my right breast this time last year and had WLE in March followed by 6 weeks of radiotherapy. I had no lumps or any other symptons whatsoever but LCIS was picked up on my very first mammogram at age 51 then confirmed with biopsy. I have been very well both in body and spirit since then and of course hoping it will continue.

I am due to go for mammogram next week on both breasts and I understand from my consultant I will have yearly mammos for the next 5 years which is reassuring since it seems other health authorities are not offering this to LCIS ladies.

Just wanted to say hello again a few months on and wish you all very best wishes.


I was offered a mammogram every 6 mos, but that could be cos I had cancer in the other breast as well as LCIS and had a mastectomy. Anyway, I’ve opted to have my remaining breast removed in April as I’m high risk (and I am a big chicken where mammograms are concerned!!)

Good luck with your mammogram - hope all goes well for you!

Jacki xx

hi all ,i had lcis and opted for bilateral mastectomy which i had 8 months ago now . when the results came back i did have cancer in 1 side so im glad i had it done.i am still off work because i dont feel ready to return yet they have had me in for two meeting demanding that ihave to sign a concent form to see my medical report on this i dont get any pay whilst im off any ideas or is there anyone going thru the same thing thanks loulou x

Hi louloubelle,

If your doctor signed a sick note saying you are not fit for work, your employers cannot hassle you. They cannot demand that you sign a consent form to see your medical report. You have a right to say no.

I am having another mastectomy in April and my employers requested a letter from my doctor stating that I was not having my mast for cosmetic purposes!!! Made me soooo cross, but I agreed to the medical report and made an appt with my GP to discuss it. She was very supportive. You also have the right to see the report before it is sent to your employers. If you don’t agree with something that is written you can have it changed.

I figured I had nothing to hide so I consented to a medical report and that shut my employers up!

Have a word with whoever they are planning to request the report from. If your doctor supports your sick leave, then you have nothing to worry about.

Hope that helps,

Jacki x