LCIS and what treatment to follow

I have just been diagnosised with 


  1. left brest…tumor & DCIS and so will have a mastecomy


However my right breast has LCIS which “is not Cancer” but could possibly in future turn into Cancer and does not seem as threatening as DCIS !!


Iam not sure if to have a bi lateral mastectomy or to save this breast and have it monitored.

What would you suggest…or

Can anyone share their experience of LCIS


I need to decide very very soon :frowning:


I know you posted this a while ago but wondered what decision you made and how you reached it - I am in a similarish situation (my other post gives the details) and am wondering whether to ‘get rid’ of the breast which at the moment seems relatively low risk at the same time as mx on other side to avoid the what if worries.

thanks! x