ld flap reconstruction chronic pain

 hi I am 7 years reconstruction  immediately after mastectomy.  initially it seemed ok i did all the exercises and have  done yoga. But I have very tight scar that pulls my lower back nearly all the time. i have had physio, but its not a cure. I am thinking of having abdominal fat injected into my scar area. A procedure which was offered  a short time after my op, but I could nt bear the thought of another operation, at that time. I can do everything gardening swimming  lifting heavy weight, but i always have the pain. iam just wondering if anyone else has it as bad and if anyone had had the procedure. of fat injection. If i knew it was going to be like this i would never have had the LD reconstruction. I feel that the  possible side effects were toned down. it seems that its deemed that if you do not have a breast, you cannot be a woman. so if one is diseased it has to be replaced at all costs. i think that  there should be a clinical review of whether or not a LD reconstruction, is the best procedure.

Hello Bella,

so sorry you have so much discomfort after your LD surgery, I’m 5 years down the line from having surgery started with a straight forward implant, unfortunately got an infection and had to have it removed after 10 days which left me flat for 6 months, (the only time I was comfortable) after a consultation with my surgeon he suggested LD construction, however regret the day I agreed to this surgery have been in pain every day since, a nurse at Guys Hospital was telling me they don’t carry out this surgery any more due to so much discomfort.

 I do wish you lots of luck if you decide to have further surgery, I would love to know how you are getting on, please keep us posted

Big hugs :rainbow: Tili 

Hi Bella60, I’m 20 months following LD flap reconstruction with implant and then a full auxiliary clearance.  I’m in pain every day.  Was advised that I could return to everything I had do before the surgery and it would only affect me if I was a rock climber or avid swimmer.  
Even hoovering causes me pain.  My arm feels so heavy and I even have to wake up to turn over in my sleep.  The breast clinic have recently done an ultrasound and said other than the implant hardening from radiotherapy everything else seems fine.  Been told I’m doing too much and any exercise that involves raising my arm above my head will cause me issues.  It’s really getting my down and I’m fed up of feeling like this.  Feel like is this the forever and am I always going to have this pain.  The last couple of weeks it’s travelled up to my neck and shoulder and today I have a lot of pain in my elbow.  Do you take any regular pain relief or find anything that helps with the pain? Xx