LD flap reconstruction

Hi I’m almost 2 weeks post op and have this bulge under my arm or to the side of my new breast. It is rubbing against my arm and does feel sore. But I just wondered if anybody else has a bulge under the arm? I guess that’s where the muscle been pulled though to the front but will it stay like this or will it flatten out??

Hi Pippi 

I am 4 weeks post op for mx and ld flap recon. I have a bulge too. My surgeon said this bulge is quite normal after ld recon and likely to always have it, along with the dent in my back where the muscle was taken from.

Really!!! It’s quite sore too hopefully the soreness will lessen over time. My surgeon has done a really good job and it’s early days but hope my new breast will become a bit rounder as at the moment it seems a bit tight and a bit flat. But she did say I may have fat injected at a later stage.

Jane - How did you get on with your appt on Thursday?

Yes mine is a bit sore too and I’m suffering with a slight weeping scar/wound under the bulge on the side of my body, under the crease of my new boob so on anti biotics. My boob is still a bit swollen and more square and squashed. The swelling will go down eventually then I’ll decide to have Lipo filling to increase to remaining boob size, or have a reduction on my remaining boob or leave both as they are if not too different.

Hi Linda, still no final hormone receptor results but will see an oncologist on Thursday as she is already chasing the path results but the invasive part was quite tiny so not sure what they can determine.
How are you getting on? Sorry I’m a bit unintentionally erratic in keeping up with posts, apologies, I do mean to be more on-board and how dare other things get in my way!!!

Pippi - I’m the same as Jane, 4 weeks post op so I don’t really know much about having fat put in after surgery.  I’m hoping I won’t need that as my reconstructed boob is still larger than the other one and I have really small boobs anyway.


Jane - I know what you mean about keeping up with posts, I sometimes forget to look.  I don’t know what’s happened to all the August Surgery ladies.  Have you noticed that nobody has posted on there since 11th September?


Can I ask you both what they did with you nipples?  I had a reconstruced one at the same time as my surgery and in the last few days I’ve noticed that it is bleeding slightly and I’m not sure if this is normal.  I’m currently waiting for a call back from my BCN.

Jane - Your scars sound very similar to mine except that I also have one around where my nipple was.  You’re right about asking if you think there is something wrong - I’m still waiting for a call back though.  How are you getting on with the 4 week exercises?  I just started mine today and am finding it quite hard to raise my arm above my shoulder.

Hi Pippi, I’m 2 weeks post surgery and have quite a lump under my arm kind of at the end of the back scar. It’s really quite painful :-(. Sad to read from others that it might stay that way. It’s about 4 / 5 cm long and quite tube shaped. I also have a really sore armpit and back of arm - feels like gravel rash or similar. Let’s hope they reduce at least!!!

I have also been doing exercises from day 1, just simple ones but I was told to start doing the more strenuous ones from 4 weeks so that’s what’s I’ve just started doing.  It’s funny how different areas tell you to do different things isn’t it.  I’m also not driving yet, I wouldn’t feel safe at the minute.


I also had a bulge at the end of my back scar but it has gone down quite considerably now.

Thats good to know that your bulge has gone down, there is hope mine will go down too then, thanks for the info ?

Hi all, I’m new to this forum and considering LD flap reconstruction in 3 weeks time.  Please can anyone comment on sleeping positions and how to get comfortable after the surgery. Mine will be a left mastectomy with probable LD flap reconstruction and this is the side which I usually sleep on, but I imagine that won’t be an option. Any tips and advice would be gratefully received, thank you ladies.

Hi beachcomber

I had LD flap recon just over 4 weeks ago on my right side and for the first couple of weeks I could only sleep on my back, mainly because once I was in the bed I didn’t really want to move as it was quite painful.  I put a pillow down my right hand side so I could rest my arm on it which was a bit more comfortable.  I can now sleep on my left side ok but still not on my right but I usually sleep on my left anyway so it’s not too bad.  I’ve also just stopped using the pillow down my side.  


Hope that helps.  I’m sure you’ll get some tips from some of the other lovely ladies on here.


Linda x

Hi Jane, I’m sorry you’re still having problems with your seroma - is it from your back?  I am also still in a bit of pain and discomfort, especially when I walk or do anything other than sitting not doing anything.  I still get that horrible tightness all down one side.  I don’t know if you’ve seen my new thread but I’ve also got a problem with my reconstructed nipple now in that it is bleeding, not loads, just every now and again.  I saw a doctor on Tuesday and I’ve got dressings to put on it and I go back on Monday to have it checked.  It’s rubbish about your pathology results, I bet you’re gettng really frusrated.

Hi Jane 304 that with a v pillow is good idea I’m quite sore from lying down on my left side. I’m all achey now on that side, just can’t get comfy at all at the moment. I now have started with flu like symptoms and feel shivery but I’m seeing consultant today

im 4 weeks post op, im the same feels a bit like sunburn when my arm rubs my swollen breast. x

Hi Lindaloo

I’m 9 weeks post op and just wanted to let you know that it does get better xx