LD mini flap following lumpectomy and exercises

LD mini flap following lumpectomy and exercises

LD mini flap following lumpectomy and exercises I am coming up to two weeks post lumpectomy and reconstruction using lat dorsi from back.
I am really lacking in the confidence to start and make movements out of my comfort zone. This probably is to do with the surgeon recommending not to raise my arm higher than 90 degrees for the first two weeks. Just wondered if anyone had any experience with mobility after this op…I start radio soon and will need to be mobile.

Hi Jenniferw I am just over 2 weeks post op - mastectomy with imemdiate LD recon + implant - so not quite the same op.

Sorry I can’t give you any useful advice, just let you know that I am in the same predicament as you.

I have just today started pushing myself a bit more on the exercises and, like you, am a bit worried about doing too much. Have read some of the past posts and getting different advice - some say take it gently and some say to really push it to get the full range of mobility back.

I am seeing my surgeon this Thursday and will ask his advice.

Take care



my op hi there i posted a few days ago thanking evryone who got back to me regards to my operation ,breast recon. i dont know where it went to here i go again ,had op on the 31st january wed.was home by the sunday ,im doing just fine walking about fine ,taking dog out for a walk ect ,back to doing my every day things. so once again thanks for ur support .

angel x

Hi Angel Glad to know you are doing well - which recon did you have? I am 3 weeks post recon - still swollen and tight but OK - it really has not been painful, just uncomfortable.

It’s been really nice weather to walk you dog this week!