LD recon & sport

LD recon & sport

LD recon & sport Hi girls

I have read many posts here about LD reconstruction. I am booked for 25th may and when I spoke to surgeon he said that I would not be able to do breast stroke when swimming anymore. I absorbed what he said and I suggested expander and implant only but he just said “no you wont like that as much” I half knew that anyway!. Also, I am too slim for tram flap. (Typical, first time in my life I have been too slim for something).

He said my tennis and golf would be affected too. Now, let me tell you none of these sports am I a great regular at, nor would I ever make any teams, but I was wondering what my limitations are really going to be, especially the breast stroke. I had not heard anyone mention that before on here. My true passion is running and high impact aerobics and I was wondering about the ladies that had had this op and what they found they could and couldn’t do. I notice the medics through this saga so far often suggest the worst senario and then things are not so bad.

I dont suppose I will do much till 2008 because 6 weeks after op I start chemo and will probably feel too fatigued, but when life gets back to normal I want to do the things I did before this dreaded illness cropped up.

Best wishes xx

Swimming Hi Positivethinker

I’m really surprised that your surgeon has suggested you won’t be able to do breaststroke. I had an LD recon with implant a year ago and when I asked if I would still be able to swim my surgeon said no prob, but I had to wait 3 months until the recon had settled down. When I first started back swimming it felt very strange, as if I was wearing an iron bra, but not a problem. After a short while I was back swimming normally and now back doing 30 lengths 3 times a week - breast stroke. In fact I feel that this has helped with my recovery and is good exercise for my arm. I also do aerobics (albeit for oldies!) and yoga, and am a keen gardener. I don’t play tennis or golf, but there have been previous posts on playing tennis after LD which were very positive. There is some weakness in my arm, but it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything I want to do. I would say go for it! Good luck whatever you choose and for the chemo.


Glad you responded Thanks Lizzie for your response.
The reason I ask these questions on this site is because you get an honest experienced answer. The surgeon can only go by what he is told or what he thinks would make sense. I notice the nurse and him always warn of things that err on the side of covering themselves from future reprisals.

I couldn’t do 30 lengths 3 times a week before!!

LD and Sport I had LD reconstructin just over a year ago and I was advised that breast stroke would be good for my recovery so I try and swim 2-3 times a week but i’m not sure i swim as many as 30 lengths !-as for tennis i started to play after several months and play when I can- i had R.mastectomy and play tennis R handed.

Hope this helps
Best wishes

limitations The only things I was told I wouldn’t be able to do was climb and ski. Must admit I haven’t got as much strength in my arm as I use to have but find its not restricting in day to day life.

I’ve heard others say they find swimming therapeutic, I’ve never been interested in sport so can’t really say.

Good luck with your op, I was pleasantly surprised how little (if any) pain there was.