leakage after surgery

Hi I had my second surgery on my breast two weeks ago.  I have slight leakage from the wound.  My surgeon says this can happen.  There is no infection but I have had to get special dressings as normal ones cannot deal with the amount from fluid oozing out. My breast cancer nurse says this can go on for a while. Has anyone else had this problem.  Any advice welcome please.

I had it after my biopsy. The minor injuries nurse gave me a pile of Stena Lady pads to soak up the gunge. I needed it too. The Doc sent some away to be tested for infection but it came back as clean.

It will slow up.I used to take dressings off,and have a warm shower.Dry off with clean towel or flannels and apply sterile dressings then wound pads or tenna lady pads.I used to change the dressings at least twice a day as well.

I had mx last july (3rd breast cancer surgery to same side) and the wound did not stop leaking yellow fluid and close up until december. I was told it was due to tissue damage from old scar tissue and rads 6 years ago x