leaky eyes

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Oh Norberte, I think there must be something in the air, I have been crying all day, only got soggy used tissues here but can give you a big hug instead!

DaisyGirl xx

Big hugs Norberte - the shear long bl**dy slog of this one of the hardest things to bear isn’t it? I think it will be the best part of a year for me too by the time this is over, and like you I thought 6 weeks to begin with! Also I think it gets particularly hard once the active treatment ends - I think it is probably the first time that you can really start to come to terms with what has happened to you, and grieve for what you have lost, and you need to take some time to do that.

Must be a day for it. Friend sent me a photo of her doing the race for life with my name on her back haven’t stopped crying since. xx

It’s a shock how long all this takes isn’t it, I’ve been very annoyed with how distrupting it is too and then felt guilty for all the people is worse situatoins than me too.

I was doing temp work due the recession and finding it hard to find a position in my area, so I’ve got to find a job at the end of all this, and probably a part time one which is like gold dust, without needing a car because we wont be able to afford to run 2 cars unless i’m working full time! So I’m really feeling stressed about that, with debts mounting up.

Its horrible and sh*t isn’t it, on top of feeling miserable as sin about having cancer. xxxxx

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Norberte, make that a very large t-shirt instead of a badge and I’ll buy one off you! I almost feel like apologising for looking so well with BC. No-one knows what’s going on inside eh? Xx

tried going back to work while waiting for chemo to start, lasted 2 days and all I wanted to do was hide in the toilet and cry! I’m one of the lucky ones, work has been really supportive, but it’s still bloody hard

it’s a b*tch, from start to finish.its not just the treatment, its the side effects of it, and the side effects of the side effects. if i sit about being ga-ga for much longer i’ll be getting pressure sores on my bum. now looking at tests for bone strength to see if recent wrist break is result of bone weakness from oophorectomy, neurological tests to see if my descent into laa laa land are a result of treatment and a psychologist to help me to deal with the guilt of wanting to retire. and just gone onto half pay. my eyes don’t leak but i’m weeping inside all the time and i’m tired of it.
sorry, rough patch - and el katrano you’re right, there are people so much worse off, i know its just self pity.
sign me up for a t-shirt and, when i get this pot off my arm, boxing lessons

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I’m so sorry norberte, I missed your post completely. I know how you feel about the leaky eyes. It annoys me that there’s nothing can do about it when they start which makes me even crosser. The congrats that I’ve finished chemo don’t help in the slightest, theres’s just so much more to do. In December last year I’d already written off 2011 but wasn’t expecting to have to write off more than half of 2012 as well… It’s just such a long slog, and I’ve managed to escape the delights of lympho so I consider myself lucky! Mrs norbs is a diamond.

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