Leeds Haven Tues 7th June

Are there any ladies going to the Haven tomorrow to their bubbles and nibbles do?

Hello Cadi
Wish I was but I’ve got to go to work. The Haven looked after me when I crashed and burned at Christmas. I miss going in and especially miss my treatments. Say hello to them all for me (Kim ). Doing the Jane Tomlinson 10k to fund raise for them shortly.
Have a lovely time.

Hello Cadi

Yes I’m hoping to be there, I can only stay for a short while due to work commitments, but want to support the Haven as they were really supportive when I was first diagnosed.

Beverley xx

I wanted to go but daughter having an op on her foot, so stuck at hospital all day, will make a change from it being for me tho.

Hope everyone has a great time

Tracey xxxxxxxxx

It was a very good “do” yesterday at the Haven. I met some lovely ladies. The nibbles were fab and the best news is that they have raised the funds to buy the building and long term they are hoping to open more Havens throughout the country. I think that we are very lucky to have such a wonderful place within reasonable distance.

Hi ladies
only just seen this thread. I live in the Bradford/Leeds area and wondered if any of you are planning on going to the haven in the coming weeks? I’m a bit reluctant to go by myself - or is it the sort of place you can just drop in?

Hope you’re all doing Ok - I’m just about to set off for my final chemo - scan next week to decide whats next, so fingers crossed


Hi i go to haven in leeds but could not make it yesterday, it is wonderful news for a wonderful place!
Linda, i start rads on 29th june in leeds for 4 weeks so am hoping to pop into haven during that time so would meet with you, however if you were wanting to go before then it is indeed the sort of place where you can drop in, the ladies there are wonderful and would make you very welcome.
We are very fortunate to have a Haven on our doorstep so to speak.

Best wishes Sal

Hi Sal
Thanks for your message. I’m waiting to see what my next treatment is, once I know this I will contact you if that is Ok.
Is your rads daily for 4 weeks? I’m sure it’ll be worth it, but I can imagine it will be very tiring. Will you go to the LGI? I think if I need rads next it will be at either BRI or LGI - I’m in between the two so not bothered which one.

Anyhow - all the best and I will keep an eye on this thread

Good luck


Hi Linda, yep no problem. I have four weeks of rads,so not finished till end of July they are at Jimmys dont think they do them at LGI or do they? Its quite a trek for me as i am in Castleford but not to worry. I hope you find out next treatment soon take care