Left breast swollen and painful!

My breasts have been tender for about a month and in the last couple of weeks the left breast has become very swollen and painful, it is particularly painful at night.

I thought it would go away but the pain is getting worse. I don’t think i have a lump but breast is so painful it hurts to check!

I have been on the contraceptive injection for 5 years, so don’t think i can be pregnant, I am 23 and my bra size is 32A.

Is there something wrong, what should i do?

Hi Ziglet,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care chat forums. With any breast problems BCC always encourage people to seek medical advice and have any changes to the breast checked out by a professional, so do please go and see your G.P. Do remember though that most breast problems are not breast cancer.

For your information I have put below the link to BCC’s publication on breast awareness, I hope this helps.


Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Ziglet, I would go and see your GP as soon as possible, it’s probably nothing to worry about but any changes to our bodies should be checked out, if only to put our mind at rest.

Don’t want to scare you, but my left boob getting very swollen was what alerted me to a problem, it was only because of that swelling that the lump was found, as it was very deep and not easily feel’able, however, there are lots of innocent explanations as well.

Best of luck