Left mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy

Yesterday I had a left mastectomy with sentinel node biopsy. The anaesthetic left me feeling really quite poorly and feel I shouldn’t have been discharged on the day. The op was a day case. 


I have noticed on the discharge sheet that I had a left mastectomy with 3 x sentinel node biopsy.  What does 3x mean is that 3 lymph nodes have been removed? 

I would imagine that is correct - yes.  The number sampled will be those that have been highlighted following the radioactivity/ dye injection


Hope you’re feeling better now after your surgery. When I had my lumpectomy in March I had the sentinel nodes removed - there are only 3. When you go back for your results the consultant will be able to tell you if these were affected. All 3 of mine were and my tumour much larger than first thought so I had a mastectomy and axilla lymph node dissection at the end of June. Rest plenty and do your exercises no matter how much of a chore they are - it’s worth it!