left mx and right reduction on Tuesday - confused about bras, can anyone help?

Hi, now that I’m no longer having a double mx but an mx and reduction I’m not sure how the bra thing works! Has anyone else who has had this combo got any advice? with the mx it was all about not irritating the site by wearing a bra initially, but my BCN says I have to focus on supporting the reduced side by wearing a good bra immediately, day and night. she said to go and buy multiple sizes as they have no idea what size i’ll end up, probably 2 or 3 cup sizes smaller, and then just return the ones that don’t fit after the op. Would appreciate any advice anyone can offer! Thanks.

Hi Beeny

Whilst you await replies please feel free to call our helpliners to talk throught your query, you may find the BCC ‘A confident choice’ publication useful to read too via this link:


Helpline 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Sat 0808 800 6000

take care


Hi Beeny,

My reduction and uplift was in 2008. I went from 34FF and PS wasn’t sure exactly how large I would end up, but thought it might be a 34C. In the end, my OH went and bought a lot of Tesco’s cheap sports bras on the day he was coming in to fetch me. I ended up a 34D (and very happy). The bra was comfortable, and we didn’t have any problem returning the ones we didn’t want and getting an extra one in the correct size. It’s worth checking in the stores before you buy what you want, but I think most are quite happy to accept returns provided you don’t take the labels off.
Sorry I can’t comment on the Mx, as only just had mine and now waiting to go on a list for autologous replacement. The reduction will be fine, though.

Good luck with your op,