Leg pain

Hi it’s 5 weeks since my WLE, and I just went for a walk - but had to cut it short because of a really bad aching pain that suddenly started on my right side, all the way up my thigh and hip area. Really scary as I’ve never had anything like this before.

I’m at home lying down now and it feels a bit better, do you think it’s linked to the surgery, having lymph nodes removed (think they only took about 2 or 3) as it’s the same side? Anyone had a similar problem?

I’m not recieving any treatment yet, chemo or radio but my right arm has been slightly achy on and off since the op.

i would think its just your body getting used to moving around again. i had a lumpectomy and mastectomy with full lymph removable, and have secondaries on my spine. and i have lots of aches and pains that arnt related to the cancer, so im sure if you build things up slowly, your strength will return. but if you keep having it, you can always check up with your doc to make sure. dont spend time worrying its better to ask and get the reassurance we often need,.

i wish you a speedy recovery.,take care x

Thanks for the reassurance, and sorry to hear you’re achy also!

It’s odd as I’ve been for a little walk every day since the op with no problems. Think I will take your advice and call the doc tomorrow just in case x

I had an achey pelvis and hips on OPPOSITE side of op and after some sweating and panicing i realised i was carrying everything on a different side cos of the op and obviously managed to do myself a mischief! It went after a few weeks but not before i got tumour marker bloods done as convinced cancer had spread…

sure it will be fine. probably is from op and your fluids not moving around quite so well regardless of only a few being taken.


Gosh - not just me then, I’m worried about every ache and pain and think it’s secondaries - how do they know my breast lump isn’t already a secondary and I don’t have loads of other tumours hiding somewhere? I wasn’t offered any marker tests as the onc. said they weren’t reliable!

True though that op’s take a long time to heal - if ever. I still have pain sometimes in my caesarian area and it’s over 2 years ago!

Maybe it’s something to do with the lymph nodes - still having twinges in various bits, mind you might be lingering pig flu symptoms! Had that last week (or at least a very strange flu indeed).