Leg weakness and falling


My mum was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer to the bone over 3 years ago. Her last check-up was in July, where she was taken off Denosumab due to an infection it caused in her mouth, and put on letrozole. She also gets monthly Faslodex injections. For the last month or so her balance has been very bad and she has been falling a lot more frequently (especially going up and down stairs). Also, her hands have been shaking constantly.

I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why she has been falling so much and feels weakness in her legs? Could this be the letrozole? Or perhaps because she was taken off Denosumab? I read another thread which suggested that different brands of letrozole can cause different side effects, is this true? 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to whether we should contact her oncologist or bring her straight to our GP? 

Thank you.

Hi, if I were you I would contact both GP and oncologist for advice.   I think Letrozole causes aches and pains but not actual weakness as far as I know (I was on it for four years).   I think the difference in side effects in the  different brands is to do with joint pain.  My BCN and Oncologist both say always report any new symptom that goes on for more than a couple of weeks.  It could be  not related to cancer at all.   All the best, 


Hi Elise 

Sorry to read about your mum. I would absolutely contact breast cancer nurse/oncologist to flag up these new symptoms. I’ve not been on letrozole long but I’m familiar with typical side effects which are hot flushes and joint aches, what your mum is experiencing does not sound typical but there again we all react differently to different meds.

I hope you get some answers soon x

My mum also has breast cancer in her bones. One of the places it was found was the femur bone. My mum walked with a very bad limp. Wobbled when she walked.  It was sorted and they put pins in her leg to stabilise and support it. She is doing brilliant now. But when the doctors first saw the X-ray whilst she was in hospital they told her not to even walk to the bathroom and to use a commode instead until she had the operation, as the leg could break and it would be much more tricky to help.

It totally might not be the case with your mum, but if she has cancer in the bones then they are susceptible to fractures/breaks, so if she is unsteady on her feet it is important the issue is resolved. 

One thing I have learned with my mum, any changes… anything at all… get it checked out.