Legs hurt after Tax , is it normal ?

I finished chemo 2 weeks ago ( Fec-T ) & my legs feel like they are seizing up since my last Tax. Even if I stretch them out or walk up the stairs they throb & ache . I have managed to walk uphill etc but it hurts . Is this normal , has anyone else experienced this ? If so does it wear off & am I best keeping moving , exercising etc . It’s really bugging me now !
Karen x

Hi Karen
I finished in Nov and it was Feb before this effect went - although it kept getting easier and easier as the weeks went on. I was using a walking stick, I know one lady that used a wheelchair because it hurt to stand up. Hang on in there, take some pain killers and tell yourself that will soon be over.

Take care

Thanks Kahren for replying , I’m very impatient wanting to feel better now chemo is over & I know it will take a while , inot many people comment on this SE & just wanted to know its normal x

Hi Karen
I’m nearly 3 weeks post chemo and have the same problem after Tax. My legs ache when I walk especially if I try and walk faster and going upstairs really make them ache. Even standing up after loading the washing machine is sore. It feels like I’ve over exercised (not done that for some time) and have muscle cramps but I’m trying to walk everyday which hopefully will help.
It’s still early days and I think it may just take our bodies a while to recover. I do know how frustrating it is though.
Polly x

I’m so glad that I found this online.I finished FEC-T 2.5 weeks ago and have been having the same symptoms.Struggling to walk far and feeling like I’d been on a 5 mile hike!.Pretty breathless too and feel very very worn out.I was feeling so unwell last week with slight temp that I was kept in hospital ( 7th admission ) and had a CT scan to check my heart and lungs.I actually burst into tears after reading these posts…not going mad after all and just need to be patient.Karen x

Hi Karen I’m 8 weeks post chemo and experiencing exactly the same as you.  Onc has prescribed pyridoxine for bit b deficiency which helped a bit.   

Hi guys…

yep…same again with me…achy muscle fatigue discomfort…worse if sat/rested and stand up…feels like have run a marathon and pulled all my quads…eases when walk a little buf nit dore to touch. Also breathless but gave been throughout Docetaxel…was cycling on FEC…no chance with Tax. Finished chemo a week ago so still experiencing thd effdcts of my last dose…just hope eases in a few weeks. Mynlungx feel slightly ‘scorched’ if that makes sense…anyone else have this sensation??..lkkd my mouth/throat…so defo effdvts of the chemo plus reduced hb probably.


I’ve recently had chemo number 4 on docetaxel and my legs have ached from the start really and it just gets worse. Walking uphill and going up and downstairs seems to make it much worse but even standing up after resting, be it after sitting down or on waking up in the morning is painful. I also find that even when getting into bed at night that if I draw up my legs to bend that too causes discomfort so I need to try to keep my legs in a more straight position which isn’t the most comfortable position to go to sleep in.