How did your appointment go today? Do you know when you will be starting chemo and what type?

You will be pleased to hear I am feeling very well and even managed a hallowen party this afternoon for eight 3 to 5 year olds - how mad is that. Had a great time though. Things are much more precious now.

Take care, Love



Before I forget have you seen the thread ‘Insensitive or what?’ it is so funny and worth a look.

Glad your weekend went well - the rest will no doubt do you the world of good - how brave of you to start Xmas shopping - but with two wee ones I guess you have no choice but to be on top of things - Santa has to come regardless! How are you feeling now after your first FEC?

Had my onc. appointment today and it went really well I start next Tuesday and it is 6 FEC - I asked why no tax and they said because their was only one node involved - still trying to get my head round this - all the research seems to say combination of both is better and I think I will talk to her again to put my mind at ease.

Got my prescription for a wig today - did you get a wig with a different style or colour to your norm or both? I was wondering if you get fitted before or after hair loss but you already have your wig so that answers my question.

I still feel emotional at times - OH is away for two weeks so I think I just miss his emotional support and the children have been back at school this week. Plus my daughter and me are not as we were before - it is hard to explain but I think she feels left out and angry about it all - she wanted to come to my first chemo but I don’t know how brave I will be and I don’t want to put her in that position so I asked if she would keep me company for the second one - we have always had a really close relationship so this is really hard and I don’t for one moment know how she must be feeling.

I hope if/when hair loss happens it is not too traumatic - sorry I should know what to say but I can’t imagine how it will feel but my thoughts are with you.

It will be really good to see how all the other girls starting chemo are getting on - I have said it before but this site is a great help.

Take care and I hope you are feeling well.

Love Lenise XXX

Me to am alot confussed about hair loss wether we get wig b4 or after as i had me bloods and ecg done today and have my first of 3 FEC’s on monday how explosive is that i said on bonfire night after they have finished it will be 3 TEX’s so mine is a mixed lot like some others,staying posative about it at the moment,and i was thinking with children in need coming up if we could use our hair loss as a way of fund raising or wether it might be to much whilst feeling grogy.
It all seems to be a wait and see game to how each of us will feel when tratment starts.
Love to all new starters like me and finshedtreatment girls as well
x x x

Hi Lenise

I got something quite different from my hair - did not really like any of the ones that were a bit like my hair - so thought lets make the most of this - and went for something different. For me I needed the wig at home ready - I have already decided -the minute it starts to fall out - I am having in shaved. Sounds brave - but will have to see at the time - whether I will really be able to go through with that.

I really do think it is harder with older children - especially emotionally - they know too much at least with my two I only need to tell them what they will understand.
You may find her coming to the chemo helps the both of you. I think they manage to imagine all sorts (as do we) and actually it is not as bad as we thought.

You will have to join us on the thread - 1st chemo - they seems to be quite a few of us starting/ started chemo in October/November.

Hope you have a good day - off to my look good feel great course today - really looking forward to it.

Take Care, Love

Anne x